The Best Interactive Emails I Ever Received

With the steady influx of emails, readers often appreciate those brands that differentiate themselves with something a little out of the box. And one of the ways to get there is with interactive emails. However, today’s definition of interactive can vary based on who you talk to, even here at Return Path.

In the past, interactive often meant emails that spurred the subscriber to engage by clicking on one or more engaging topics, or even an animated GIF designed to capture a reader’s attention. However, today’s version of an interactive email means that the subscriber can take action directly within the email itself. The reader may be able to add an item to their shopping cart, complete a customer survey, slide through an image carousel, or even enjoy a feature simply meant to surprise and delight….all while never leaving the email itself. The end result is an email that expands the customer experience and can help drive brand engagement and reader loyalty.

Let’s take a look of some of our favorite interactive emails, as chose by Return Path’s Professionals Services Email Strategists. And be sure to check back on the Return Path Blog as we continue our “Best Of” series!

Beth Mockler
Email Strategist

Wendy’s “Time’s up. Forks down.” email smartly utilizes an animated gif to emphasize the limited time aspect for their summer salads, while integrating an interactive image carousel component to scroll through all the tasty choices right within the email. This also takes up less vertical space within the email itself.


Alexandra Braunstein
Sr. Email Strategist

Outfitter and outdoor goods company Filson understands the importance of making the product review process as easy and seamless as possible. Within their post-purchase review email, customers are able to easily add their review and then post it to the company’s website. Ensuring the review process is as convenient as possible and adding a level of interactivity to the message can help increase the number of reviews while also improving the overall email experience.


Stephanie Colleton
Sr. Email Strategist

Nike inspires you to “Work Out in This” by allowing the reader to immediately learn more about the apparel worn by their finess models, simply by clicking the the + sign on key articles of clothing. The pop up then shares an item name, description, and of course a link to shop now. Easy to explore and easy to buy!

Andrew Bennett
Associate Email Strategist
From a customer experience lens, Nest’s Black Friday email gave users the ability to compare and choose items without leaving their inbox. Nest combined the consideration and preference steps of the purchasing funnel together and made the transition to purchasing their products seamless.

B&O’s “Say Hello to Autumn” email does a great job of connecting a message to a real-world situation. In the message, the user has a way to see what a lamp would look like in both a well-lit room and a dimly lit room. Showing the different looks give the user more information to make a purchasing decision and can allow them to choose the products best suited for their wants and needs.





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