Email Experts Series: Holiday Marketing Email Readiness

If you know anything at all about us at 250ok, it’s that we can’t stop, won’t stop. So, we’re proud to introduce a brand-spankin’ new series to you, and this time, we’re doing it on video.

We have a kick-ass team of deliverability experts here—a team with experience gained at Salesforce, Exact Target, Marketo, Adobe, SendGrid, SparkPost, AOL, and more—and they dish out knowledge on the daily to our customers. We asked them to participate in small, round-table discussions on some of the most important email topics you can think of, including our timely kick-off: Holiday readiness.

Anyone who is a resident of the United States knows the holiday season, namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a veritable free-for-all of sales, promotions, and above all, emails about these crazy deals. With email volume sometimes doubling in the lead-up to the biggest sales event of the year, the same-old-same-old won’t cut it.

Our experts sat down to discuss what savvy email marketers need to do to prepare for the holiday season and better ensure their marketing emails find the inbox.

Lean back, crack open your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverage, and enjoy the sweet sounds of the 250ok Experts in our inaugural episode. Want to skip around to the parts you need? Scroll past the video for some key time-stamps to use.

Total Run Time: 14 minutes

  • 00:35 – Why peak season and holidays are crucial for email marketers
  • 1:15 – When should marketers prepare holiday strategy?
  • 2:30 – Data quality and acquisition tactics
  • 4:35 – Re-engagement strategy and listening to your subscribes
  • 6:50 – Mailbox providers mindset and behavior
  • 7:30 – Increasing volume and cadence considerations
  • 9:20 – Humanizing marketing strategy; people, not data points
  • 10:30 – IPs/Domain horsepower and why change is risky
  • 12:20 – Tools for monitoring performance, issue remediation & mitigating deliverability problems

About our Experts

Anthony Chiulli: With more than a decade of email experience, Anthony embraces educating and advising email marketers on the latest trends and insights within the email industry as director of product marketing. Before joining 250ok, Anthony served in a number of leadership roles at Salesforce.

Luke Martinez: Luke is a deliverability expert with a passion for getting email to the inbox. With more than four years at SendGrid prior to joining 250ok, his intimate understanding of the email ecosystem, email protocols, and marketing best practices allows him to provide data and insights that drive engagement and results from email programs both large and small.

Sloan Simmons: Sloan is a Solutions Consultant at 250ok, where he serves as a go-to resource for customers and employees alike. With more than five years of deliverability and email privacy experience, including direct knowledge from Marketo, he provides expert insight on optimizing and improving email programs across the globe.

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