That’s a tap—whoops—WRAP on 250ok’s Email on Tap Season One

Inspiration can strike from anywhere at anytime, and lead to a light bulb moment hovering above your head that could change your business. Great ideas happen often, but how exactly do you transfer a simple idea scribbled on the back of a napkin into reality?

I found myself in this situation exactly a year ago, with an idea to create a video podcast series focusing on real-world stories from email industry executives, influencers, brand marketers, and thought leaders across the country. It was ambitious, daunting, and something completely outside of my comfort zone but I gathered the courage to bring it to life. 250ok’s Email on Tap was born.

As we close out our inaugural season of Email on Tap, I am humbled to see how far we’ve come with this series, the guests we welcomed, and the experiences I gained. From the beginning, our goal was to provide a refreshing and fun opportunity to share the perspectives of some of the brightest minds in email, offering our audience a unique view into email-related topics and trends. Looking back, I can say we accomplished this and more!

Here are some highlights:

  • 16 total guests
  • Eight brand marketers, six ESP representatives, one mailbox provider postmaster, and the lead guitarist for Matchbox Twenty
  • Shot in 10 different locations across the country, including Chicago, Boulder, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Savannah, and Denver
  • Nearly four hours of video content
  • Thousands of page views across Vimeo and YouTube
  • Countless laughs, friendships, and memories made
  • Key takeaways, like the deep belief email isn’t dead, its thriving! Email is a highly dynamic channel that is changing and evolving rapidly, unlocking new possibilities and existing opportunities for marketers and consumers. It’s only increased its value with the emergence of mobile and other messaging applications.

We count this as a huge success, and I am extremely thankful for the amazing team behind the scenes bringing these videos to life, and for the guests we had the privilege of hosting. I am proud of our success as a team and I am thrilled to announce we will continue this series in 2020. We have some great guests lined up, and we will be aiming high to make this season bigger and better than ever!

For a complete list of all of all 250ok Email on Tap videos, please visit our website or our Vimeo and YouTube channels.

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