Surprising Facts About the Emails You're Sending: Q&A and Recording Link

Recently we presented a webinar, Surprising Facts About the Emails You’re Sending, which was based on our newly released 2018 Email Marketing Lookbook. During the webinar we received many great questions, unfortunately we ran out of time and were not able to get to all of them, so here are answers to some of the remaining questions along with an on demand link to the webinar recording.

Q: With our email program we have limited resources and it’s challenging for us to implement and optimize all these messages, so which do you feel are most important to work on?
A: If you are only able to add or optimize one triggered message types, I would recommend starting with a welcome message. It’s really the foundation for starting the subscriber experience off on the right foot and fostering continued positive engagement with your brand. Subscribers who read a welcome message are 40 percent more likely to continue reading future messages, so having a welcome email in place as part of your onboarding strategy will help you get subscribers interacting with your brand early.

After the welcome message, I would next prioritize the win back message, specifically focusing on proactively identifying subscribers at risk of lapsing vs subscribers who have already lapsed. Your re-engagement rate will be higher if you can identify and target subscribers before they begin to ignore your messages or mark you messages as spam. Once they have tuned out, it’s much harder to bring them back. Mailbox providers are increasingly looking at subscriber engagement when deciding whether to deliver your messages to the spam folder or the inbox, so you want to have a proactive strategy in place to win back subscribers.

Q: Do you think including positive reviews or feedback from our customers is effective to include in our email with showing customer favorites?
A: Yes, user generated content, meaning reviews and feedback given by your customers, is an excellent way to help entice and persuade other customers to make a purchase. Consumers are increasingly relying on reviews when making purchases, especially when they are ordering online and have never seen or used the product, so this can be a really positive way to promote your products within your promotional emails. When you’re considering reviews to include in messages, make sure you showcase reviews that are informative and highlight specific benefits of the product vs. generic “great product” reviews. And since reviews are a really helpful way to highlight your products within your emails, also make sure you have a system in place to actively collect customer reviews. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on how to do this.

Q: Would you recommend cart abandonment emails for the food industry or is it more effective for larger purchases?
A: Abandon cart emails aren’t specific to a certain industry, in fact, based on data from a Salesforce State of Marketing report, 72 percent of all respondents agree that abandon cart emails are one of the most effective marketing tactics across industry verticals. Their effectiveness is based primarily on timing, relevance, and content within the message. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Q: Subject lines are tricky for us. What are some effective examples? What are some major subject line “NOs”?
A: Subject lines are a critical influencing in determining whether or not subscribers open your messages. In fact, a third of email recipients will open an email based on the subject line alone, and 69 percent of recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line, according to Convince & Convert. While there is no magic formula that will work for every business and email message, there are some proven tactics to optimize your subject lines and increase subscriber engagement, and some strategies to avoid. For some specific keywords you can use, be sure to check out Return Path’s report on The Art and Science of Effective Subject Lines which analyzes how the most common keywords used in subject lines influence performance.

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