Something for Everyone: Announcing our New Email Optimization Products

While not new to Return Path, I am still fairly new to the Product Marketing Manager role on our Email Optimization business. For the past few months, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with our product and engineering teams to imagine, develop, test, and market our new Email Optimization solutions. And today, I am proud to announce the launch of these new products and features!

What I like best about this launch is that there truly is something for everyone—current Return Path clients and new prospects, senders large and small, those new to email marketing and seasoned veterans ready to take their email program to the next level. With the launch of our latest additions to the Email Optimization Suite, we will continue to help marketers optimize their email programs by reaching the Right Inbox, with the Right Message, at the Right Time.

So what’s launching today? Let me take you through the list:

  • With Domain Certification, we are helping email marketers get more of their mail to the inbox and improve their sender reputation at the domain level. What’s really terrific about the launch of Domain Certification is that this opens up the industry’s most recognized and valued certified whitelist to senders on shared IP addresses. Now, best-in-class senders on both shared and dedicated IP addresses can experience better inbox placement with major mailbox providers around the world, as well as reduced filtering and unblocked images and links. Learn more about Domain Certification by joining our webinar on June 8.
  • Send Frequency Optimization allows email marketers to understand how much mail they should send to each subscriber for optimal engagement and response. How do we do this? Using your engagement data coupled with our Consumer Network data, we can determine the most and least engaged subscribers and identify the ideal send frequency for each, thereby allowing marketers to maximize lifetime subscriber value.
  • Whether you’re new to email marketing or you’ve been doing this for years, maintaining the quality of your subscriber list is always a challenge. With Real-Time Email Validation, we verify the subscribers on your list are legitimate email addresses, thereby reducing bounced emails and improving deliverability to the inbox. Through our new partnership with BriteVerify, we can help you clean your list now, and maintain a clean list moving forward by validating new subscribers at point-of-capture.

Lots of fantastic new stuff—all of it built to help you increase the reach of your email program and improve ROI from email by taking it to the next level. I’m really excited about all of it, especially since I’ve seen the hard work that’s gone into making each a reality. Which of these new solutions are you most excited about, and which do you think can make the most impact to your email program?

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