SmartSeeds are Here, and so is AI for Your Email Program

Artificial intelligence is something you hear people talking about or you read in the news, but in reality, only five percent of email marketers are using it. That’s a shame because AI early adopters are already reaping major rewards. In a recent study with The Relevancy Group, we found email marketers using AI had higher inbox placement rates and generated 41 percent more revenue. For many marketers, however, a lack of expertise is a barrier to AI.

This is exactly why we are excited about the release of our AI-powered SmartSeeds. With Return Path’s
newest AI-powered data source, email marketers can reap the rewards of AI without a degree in data

Where it all began
Return Path pioneered the use of seed-based deliverability monitoring, our CoreSeeds, which gives
marketers visibility into where their email is being delivered across 140 different mailbox providers.
Today, with the introduction of SmartSeeds, we’re able to offer a complete view of email deliverability
with AI-powered personas that interact with email like real subscribers. Pursuing a technology like
SmartSeeds has been on our radar for a while as a way to expand our coverage and offer those insights
to a larger audience.

Where we are today
In 2018, we introduced the Return Path Platform—our newly updated user interface—to the market.
This has become a springboard for many of our new products and capabilities around data and email
solutions. As we continue to drive innovation through Artificial Intelligence with improvements across
our Deliverability Data, the growth within our platforms remains our focus to help email marketers
become better senders with advantageous deliverability across the email ecosystem.
SartSeeds provide a critical signal into subscriber engagement that is unlike anything else in the
ecosystem. Because mailbox providers like Google put a large placement emphasis on how subscribers
engage with their email, we made it our mission to give our senders visibility into this semi-disguised
side of deliverability. The Return Path Platform incorporates deliverability signals from SmartSeeds and
CoreSeeds to give clear insight into your true deliverability and also provides a drill down for more
information on each data source.

SmartSeeds data integrates directly into our platforms and our products to help tell the story about how
relative subscriber engagement behaviors can affect your deliverability at different mailbox providers.
Our Deliverability Data provides an unparalleled view into the deliverability landscape so that you can be
sure you are accessing accurate and relevant data that you can use to improve and evolve your

Where we’re going next
Our first iteration of SmartSeeds is available today, but we have extensive plans for our new data
source, as well as for our other products.
SmartSeeds enable us to increase the availability of engagement-based inbox placement data for our
clients. SmartSeeds are currently set up to provide insight into how subscriber engagement affects
performance at Google, and we plan to add other major mailbox providers in the future. With
SmartSeeds, our clients can monitor individual campaign performance as well as gain visibility into
trends happening within the larger email ecosystem.

Helping email marketers take their programs to the next level remains at the center of everything we do. Over the last 20 years, we’ve built the world’s most comprehensive source of data across the email ecosystem – EmailDNA –  and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. You can learn more about our Deliverability Data and how we help marketers, like yourself, gain an advantage in a competitive ecosystem! Email marketing will continue to evolve and we’re here to make sure that you stay one (or ten) steps ahead.

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