The Silver Lining to Having Poor Customer Data Quality

You know the old idiom, “Every cloud has a silver lining”? It’s an expression I love to apply to my daily life as I think it rings true in a lot of situations. There’s nearly always a positive aspect to a negative circumstance – and this includes having poor customer data quality. Yeah, you read that right.

Nearly every business has dealt with the frustrations of poor data quality. In fact, one-third of business leaders claim they don’t trust the information they use to make decisions. With contact information constantly in flux as people change positions and leave companies, it’s nearly impossible to house accurate customer data without a dynamic solution to monitor it.

Poor customer data quality creates inaccurate reports, ineffective marketing campaigns, inaccurate sales forecasts, and lots of headaches – but there is a plus side to these frustrations.

Think of it this way: You’re already doing a great job in your current position. (We know this because you’re reading this article – look at you, staying on top of industry trends and strengthening your knowledge on CRM data.) But think about how much better you could be doing your job with improved CRM data.

Let’s say you’re a marketer (but read on even if you’re not because we’ll highlight your “what’s-in-it-for-me” next) – the following is how you would benefit from improved customer data.

What’s-in-it-for-me: Marketers

  • Higher deliverability rates for your email and direct mail campaigns
  • Reduced marketing spend
  • More effective campaigns

What’s-in-it-for-me: Sales

  • Improved accuracy in your sales forecasting
  • Enhanced efficiency of the sales team
  • Improved lead quality and conversion rates

What’s-in-it-for-me: Customer Success

  • Heightened customer engagement
  • Improved customer retention
  • Better customer experiences

What’s-in-it-for-me: CRM Administrators

  • Consistent delivery of high-quality data
  • Improved accuracy in reporting across all departments
  • High-fives from marketing and sales for making their lives easier

Consider this: Person A and Person B sign up to run a marathon. Person A already averages 20 miles a week and has competed in several half marathons. Person B can barely run a mile. When they both finish the marathon after weeks of training, the feeling may be just a little sweeter for Person B who worked that much harder to cross the finish line.

So, the positive side to poor customer data quality? There’s room for improvement, which is going to make it feel so much sweeter when you get there, and it’ll make you look like a rockstar to upper management once its improved.

But Wait! There’s More…

This disease has a cure. The fix? Validity Connect and Validity Trust Assessments.

Validity Connect is the most advanced, complete, and highest-rated suite of customer data quality tools available. It’s everything you need to manage your CRM data as it includes DemandTools, the #1 global data quality tool thousands of CRM administrators love, BriteVerify enterprise-ready email verification solutions, PeopleImport, and DupeBlocker. Successful sales and marketing campaigns rely on being able to connect with the right people, using the right message, at the right time. And you need accurate data to be able to do that.

Validity Connect puts a data integrity powerhouse at your fingertips, giving you the confidence that your database is free of duplicates and inaccurate or missing data elements, and that email addresses and lists have been verified as real contacts.

And our latest product, Validity Trust Assessments, is a complete data quality assessment that provides maximum insight into the state of your data quality. It reports on how your customer data is affecting key business strategies, like sales forecasting and campaigns, illustrates how your business stands up against competitors, and perhaps best of all, it tells you what you can do about it. Validity Trust Assessments includes a detailed remediation plan that’s backed by best-of-breed tools for data improvement.

Saying there’s a positive side to having poor customer data quality? Yeah, it may be a little bit of a stretch. But hey, it’s just our light-hearted way of reminding you of the true bright side of having your business operate successfully with accurate customer data. And just a reminder if you need to hear it this week – you’re doing great.

If you’re looking to ditch poor customer data quality or want to know more about Validity Trust Assessments and Validity Connect, contact us today.

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