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Return Path from Validity gives you the confidence that your emails are reaching who they’re supposed to. See how liberating that feels – request a demo today!

1 out of every 5 commercial emails never reach the inbox.

The deliverability landscape is changing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Email is a vital part of the way you communicate and build relationships, so ensuring you have extensive knowledge on the performance of your emails is a top priority.

With Return Path, our data-driven solutions help email marketers understand their deliverability and take action to reach your subscriber’s inbox. This allows you maximize your reach and drive awareness and revenue.

The State of Email Marketing.

Find new ways to boost subscriber engagement for your program with this 48 page report from one of the most respected names in email marketing.

“Return Path helped us improve our overall deliverability rate from 86 percent to 95 percent, a 10 percent increase in deliverability rate year over year.”

We know email.

Every day, tens of thousands of customers trust Return Path data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing.


Global customers

26 Million +

IPs scored daily

3.5 Billion

Certification inboxes

The most comprehensive way to improve your inbox placement and reputation.

The Return Path Platform offers critical differentiation between inbox and spam folder placement, giving you the most accurate and comprehensive deliverability data available on how your email marketing campaigns are performing.

Armed with this data, you’ll get your emails in front of more subscribers. And better inbox placement equals increased conversion opportunity and additional revenue.


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Reach more subscribers and increase revenue with Return Path Certification.

Return Path Certification is the industry’s most powerful and unique whitelist, providing benefits at major mailbox providers and filtering companies to ensure your emails reach your subscribers.

More emails in the inbox means more opportunities for your customers to see your message, and ultimately drive increased ROI from the email channel. By not being Certified, marketers are leaving $135 billion on the table each year. 

Learn more about deliverability and subscriber engagement with these popular reports.


Industry Benchmarks for 7 Key Metrics

Lifecycle Benchmark

Insights on new subscriber engagement
throughout the first year

Tens of thousands of customers rely on Validity to grow faster with better data.

Take the guesswork out of email deliverability.

Reaching the inbox doesn’t have to be challenging. We help ensure your subscriber data is clean and that your emails are delivered to the inbox. Complete the form below we’ll contact you soon to find out more about your needs and schedule a demo. Want to speak with us right now? Call 866-362-4577, we’re happy to help.



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