Sender Score Certified Now Covers 1.2 Billion Inboxes

Sender Score Certified is growing by leaps and bounds with the recent adoption of the Sender Score Certified whitelist by Cloudmark. This partnership makes Sender Score Certified the industry’s largest, most comprehensive and widely used whitelist giving approved senders preferential treatment into over 1.2 billion email inboxes. Moreover, this gives Return Path’s Sender Score Certified the largest footprint of any email certification program available today with coverage in more than 80% of the mailboxes operated by the top 20 ISPs worldwide.

This means that more receivers will use the high reputation scores of Sender Score Certified members as a positive determinant for inbox placement. Receivers that accept the Sender Score Certified whitelist include, among others, Windows Live Hotmail, Time Warner Cable, GoDaddy and soon Yahoo! and Yahoo! operated email properties. Sender Score Certified also covers thousands of businesses using filtering solutions from Spam Assassin, Barracuda Networks and Cloudmark. Cloudmark is the latest e-mail spam filtering provider to choose and fully integrate Sender Score Certified. Cloudmark’s North American ISP customers include Earthlink, Comcast, Cox Communications, Charter, Telus and Cincinnati Bell. Cloudmark’s global base of service provider customers includes THUS, Tele2,, Fastweb, NTT OCN and NEC BIGLOBE,

We’re excited about what this means for the role of reputation for legitimate email senders. As a result of the expansion of the Sender Score Certified footprint, sender reputation is clearly THE most important factor for marketers who want to get their messages through – legitimately. Approved senders are now able to achieve inbox placement that will maximize the delivery and effectiveness of their email programs across 1.2 billion inboxes for a nominal fee that provides increased financial value and return. Instead of paying per-message delivery fees, marketers can now focus on optimizing their deliverability performance by simply maintaining their good reputation to reach the inbox – something legitimate marketers are doing anyway – thereby eliminating the need to “pay to play” altogether. As long as legitimate marketers keep their reputation scores high by consistently employing email best practices surrounding complaints, server security, and spam trap hits, they should be able to stay on the Sender Score Certified list. Marketers who don’t follow the rules of the game, simply won’t be able to make it to the inbox at major ISPs.

We are proud to be able to provide a service for our receiver partners that allows them to reduce false positives, decrease their customer service loads and increase the selectivity of filtering for non-certified IP addresses. We’ve put in a lot of work on building the application processes, reputation data and compliance systems that are used on the Sender Score certified program. Immodestly, we think that we’ve got the highest quality accreditation list – it’s certainly the largest. We are also proud to say that Return Path’s comprehensive deliverability solutions creates a better overall experience for the huge number of email customers serviced by our existing partners and they get the quality mail that they want.

By setting the standard for inbox delivery and enabling smart marketers to achieve maximum ROI for their campaigns, we are helping our partners to do their jobs better so they can focus on fighting spam and email fraud. Definitely a win-win-win for email. A win for email consumers, a win for senders and a win for email receivers.

To learn more about becoming Sender Score Certified, click here.

To read the press release, click here.

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