See Competitors’ Campaigns in Super-Sharp Detail with New Inbox Insight Features

Did your closest competitor’s morning campaign just blow yours away? Few question how important it is to understand how your campaigns compare to those of your competition. Most email marketers sign up for their competitors’ emails to keep track of offers or campaigns. But this grants you only a surface-level view – what their campaigns say – it can't show you how they perform.

Return Path’s competitive intelligence tool, Inbox Insight, tracks millions of real subscribers’ interactions with email campaigns, including yours and your competitors’. Using this data, Inbox Insight reveals Subscriber Overlap – a side-by-side comparison of campaigns sent to shared audiences – and benchmark scores to show you how you stack up against your competition and whose marketing campaigns are dominating the industry.

Now Inbox Insight has increased its competitive intelligence capability with the addition of two new features: Multi-sort and Time of Day. These new functions provide users with a deeper qualitative analysis of email campaigns.

Multi-sort allows marketers to gain even greater insights into their own campaigns and their competitors’ by allowing them to:

  • Sort campaigns by size (percentage of senders’ total lists) and then by read rate to see which large campaigns (or small campaigns) are performing best (or worst)

  • Sort campaigns by date and then by read rate to determine which campaigns were the best (or worst) performers on given days

  • Sort by read rate and then by delete unread rate to get a more complete picture of overall positive (and negative) campaign engagement for you and your competition


Showing the time of day when subscribers receive messages allows marketers to:

  • Adjust their mailing schedules to make sure their campaigns get the highest engagement and avoid sending mail during the busiest times in the inbox

  • Monitor when competitors change their sending times

  • Uncover triggered messaging patterns based on messaging cadence throughout the day

The ability to sort on more than one field and monitor the time of day that emails were received helps marketers better understand how email campaigns are performing and which specific types of campaigns, subject lines, and tactics can be tested or implemented in their own email programs to increase subscriber engagement.

Click here to learn more about Inbox Insight and how you can build stronger campaigns by measuring subscriber engagement.

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