Save Time with New Features in the Partner Platform

Six months ago (almost to the day), we launched the Partner Platform, the first and only deliverability platform developed exclusively for email service providers (ESPs). The platform combines Return Path’s unique data sources, giving an ESP the insight they need to easily identify what’s important, surface deliverability issues with individual clients, and holistically monitor their entire client base.

The Partner Platform has quickly become a one-stop shop for our partners to monitor their clients’ deliverability.

Using data is a cornerstone of our business model to drive growth for clients. We leverage Return Path’s Consumer Network data to make strategic recommendations to help our brands improve Return On Marketing Investment for their email programs. The insights that the Partner Platform provides gives us a complete picture of what’s happening across our entire client base. —John Stephenson, VP of Campaign Assurance, Digital Solutions Epsilon  

ESPs manage tons of clients and are constantly looking for ways to save time in their busy days. Today, we’re excited to release two new alerting features in the Partner Platform that surface deliverability and reputation issues so that an ESP can proactively let their clients know they have a problem:

  • Blocklist and Pristine Trap Email Alerts: sends near real time email alerts when a client lands on a blocklist or hits a pristine trap, even when a partner is not logged into the Partner Platform.
  • Blocklist In-Product Notifications: delivers an in-product notification when a client hits a blocklist on an IP or domain.

The Partner Platform is a single solution that offers visibility to ESPs like never before, and we’ve been consistently adding new features to provide increased engagement and actionable data:

  • Mailbox Engagement Scores: gives further insight into Inbox Placement Trends around mailbox engagement with our Consumer Network data.
  • Engagement Metrics: provides at a glance inbox placement rates, read rates and delete without opening for a specific IP, domain, or brand.
  • Book of Business Mapping: allows partners to easily manage their own client list in the tool.
  • Reputation Factors Chart Updates: displays historical client blocklist information as grayed out, so that blocklists that need attention are easily identifiable.
  • Real Time Reputation Network Data: delivers trap and blocklist data in near real time so partners can be proactive with clients.

The Partner Platform has helped us be able to quickly monitor inbox placement rates at the top ISPs across all of our clients via subscriber data. With the addition of the Reputation Factors, List Management Indicators and Read Rate percentage, we’re able to work with our partners and clients on not only improving deliverability but also response rates. —Scot Berggren, Deliverability and Compliance Manager, Alterian US

For more information on the Partner Platform, read more or take a look at our fact sheet.

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