Salesforce Admins: How Clean is Your Data?

Saleforce admins know how much effort it takes to achieve data quality, let alone maintain it. But in today’s increasingly tech-savvy world, data flows into your CRM from a variety of sources, making keeping data clean even more complicated. So, how clean is your data? 

More Customer Engagement Channels, More Data Quality Issues

Organizations use multiple marketing channels – sometimes seven or more – to reach their customers. In turn, those customers use multiple channels, such as web, mobile apps, and social media, to reach organizations. Depending on the industry, the numbers can be higher, as customer data flows in from payment systems, customer surveys, coupon redemption, sweepstakes, and more.  

The more channels customers use to interact with you, and the more channels you use to collect their information, the more your CRM data quality is at risk. But duplicates and other data errors can be avoided.

Salesforce Admins Understand the Value of High Quality CRM Data

Salesforce Admins Data quality is mission critical in business. The outcome of business decisions, marketing campaigns, and sales strategies is closely tied to the accuracy of data. With so much riding on data quality, it’s hard to pinpoint how costly duplicate, incomplete, erroneous, or missing data can be to your organization and its ability to meet its objectives. Technically, the responsibility for keeping CRM data as clean as possible is every user’s job. But, let’s be honest: It often rests rests squarely on your shoulders. This makes your role as a Salesforce admin as mission critical as the data you collect.

The experts at Validity, makers of DemandTools, are no strangers to the challenges of ensuring CRM data integrity. We know the burden it places on those who cleanse data and manage and maintain CRM systems. We are here to help! That’s why we offer an informative white paper: “Overcoming the Challenge of Bad Data – How Clean Is Your Salesforce Data?”  

Is Your CRM Data Quality as Good as It Could Be?

CRM systems are great tools for managing customer relationships, but they don’t automatically yield high-quality customer data. Instead, they rely on what users input, opening the door for dirty data that can ultimately cost the organization money. 

Thankfully, there are simple steps Salesforce admins can take to ensure data entry is as accurate as possible, as well as best practices that can be implemented to maintain data integrity.  

Where Can Salesforce Admins Learn More About Salesforce Data Quality?

Download your copy of “Overcoming the Challenge of Bad Data – How Clean Is Your Salesforce Data?” and learn how to solve the challenges of bad data, mitigate the risk of bad data entering the system, and the steps you can take to save yourself and your sales, marketing, and customer service teams valuable time and effort.


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