Return Path’s Weekly Roundup

Blue Sky Factory gives us five subject line testing ideas. Some highlights: general subject lines consistently receive more opens that specific ones, personalized subject lines are great tactics (like Qdoba sending a “rainy day” special in Charlotte on an actual rainy day), as well as ways to test the urgency of your subject lines. Thanks guys!

Constant Contact offers some tips on how to prepare your customers for increased frequency during the holiday season. They have a great example from Zappos that caught our eye at Return Path as well. We loved that they disclosed their new email schedule for the next six weeks, and even highlighted the increase as a benefit. We thought it would have been better if they offered ways to go back to your usual mailing schedule. What do you think?

Cisco and Internet Identity released their 3Q10 Global Threat Report and Phishing Trends Report: Third Quarter 2010 respectively. Interesting things of note: A spoofed LinkedIn was 30% of all spam thanks to the Zeus botnet according to Cisco, and Internet Identity sees a troubling rise in phishing attacks impersonating e-commerce and gaming sites although it’s still nowhere near the financial sector which still makes up 79% of all phished brands. Return Path is currently helping email marketers protect their brands with our anti-phishing tool, Domain Assurance.

In case you missed it (and if you did, how was that possible?), Facebook announced Facebook Messages! Email didn’t combust. Gmail didn’t buckle. In fact, Facebook says this isn’t really email. Time will tell how this affects email marketing, but it can only mean good things. Here is a collection of some of our favorite articles:

  • 10 Ways for E-mail Marketers to Survive Facebook Messages
  • Facebook Messaging: Dance band on the Titanic?
  • Actually, Facebook changes everything (and nothing)
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