Return Path's Anniversary: Nine is Fine

On Saturday Return Path celebrated its ninth anniversary. I hope you’ll indulge me a bit as I go ahead and admit that I am biased, of course, but that I think this year may be our best yet.

A few highlights:

  • This year we published more original research than ever before – including a survey of how consumers feel about the deluge of holiday email sent each year, studies on how top-brand marketers treat subscribers during sign up and unsubscribe, and a benchmark report based on our cooperative reputation data network.
  • That last study, the Reputation Benchmark Report, found a strong correlation between our Sender Score – the measure of the reputation of the nearly every IP on the planet – and the delivered rates for a given IP. In short, IPs with low Sender Scores had bad deliverability and IPs with high Sender Scores had high deliverability.
  • We launched a podcast featuring Return Path experts talking about what they know best – email deliverability and reputation. (As we look ahead a bit, we’ll soon start featuring clients, partners and other email industry stars on the guest list.)
  • We also produced IN: The Email Reputation Conference at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This was the biggest event in Return Path history and we got absolutely amazing feedback from everyone involved – attendees, speakers, clients and prospects (or, as our CEO Matt Blumberg likes to call them, “pre-clients”).
  • We acquired our largest competitor, Habeas, and changed the structure of the business so we could focus 100% of our time, energy, resources and focus on one thing: email reputation services for commercial senders and large-volume receivers.
  • We announced that Yahoo! would soon be using Sender Score Certified, a huge milestone for us that means Sender Score Certified covers more than 1.2 billion inboxes around the world.

Whew! What a year.

But don’t worry, we aren’t resting on any laurels. We have a really big year planned for 2009. I can’t wait to report back next December when we will be celebrating our diamond anniversary.

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