Return Path Welcomes Christine Borgia and Todd Herr to Our Receiver Services Team

I’m very pleased to announce today that Return Path has hired Christine Borgia, formerly of AOL and Todd Herr, formerly of Time Warner Cable/Road Runner.

Many companies in the email industry lay claims to working with top ISPs and mailbox providers. Return Path, however, is one of the few that works for them as well. When we began work on the Return Path Reputation Data Network we imagined that gathering data from all the top ISPs and other large-volume email receivers would be a boon for our marketer clients. We could show them – in real time – what their sending reputation looked like. We created the Sender Score as a way to quantify that reputation and give them a metric to shoot for.

We quickly realized that this data was also extremely useful for our ISP partners who were contributing to it. In short order we turned our attention to creating tools to help these partners use the data to make better, faster and more accurate decisions about how to sort the large volume of messages that flood their systems. These tools include our Reputation Network Blacklist, the Sender Score summary score and our Certified and Safe whitelists. We also offer outsourced Feedback Loop management in exchange for data. Our tools have proven effective – with our partner Rackspace we helped reduce spam complaints and increase customer satisfaction with our feedback loop solution.

This brings me to our news today. In hiring Christine and Todd we are adding some serious heft to our team to serve ISPs and mailbox providers.

Christine, formerly the leader of the postmaster team at AOL, will lead our Receiver Services team to provide top-notch client service to our receiver partners. She will also be working with our marketing folks to help extend the voice of ISPs both internally and externally.

Todd, formerly the postmaster at Time Warner Cable/Road Runner, will be leading a new group within our product team that is solely dedicated to products and services for ISPs and mailbox providers. This will involve improving our current offerings while also dreaming up exciting new ways we can help the email ecosystem.

Of course our work for the receiver community inevitably has benefits for our clients who send email. Christine’s group will be instrumental in educating marketers and publishers about email technology and deliverability issues. She and her team will act as a true, trusted intermediary, troubleshooting technical issues with email systems between marketers and ISPs. Todd’s group, by working so closely with the data from our partners, will be finding new and exciting ways for that data to help marketers and publishers understand and improve their email reputations.
Please join me in extending a hearty welcome to both Christine and Todd!

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