Return Path Scores Top 3 Draft Picks

This must be what a professional sports team feels like when it finds itself with three picks in the first round of the draft. By adding stars to an already-solid franchise, you can do more, do it faster, and do it better than you were already doing things. Today, Return Path announces the hiring of three email gurus. Each brings a different skill set to the team, each is vitally important to our scalability and success, and each is a well-respected industry leader.

Heather Palmer Goff is moving to Colorado to join us as our VP of Client Management and Deliverability Consulting. Heather, of Responsys fame, will be managing our Sender Score program, making sure we are delivery the best services and products to our client base.

Craig Swerdloff, most recently the head of direct marketing for Ask Jeeves/IAC Interactive, is now our VP & GM of Customer Acquisition Solutions, where where he will focus on growing our Postmaster Network products, client base and relationships. He will now be known as Mr. Lists, Leads, and Feeds.

Ken Takahashi joins us as our VP of Corporate Development. Ken was most recently with DoubleClick/DARTMail, and their successor company, Epsilon Interactive, where he was instrumental in building soild email delivery management systems and strategic partnerships. Corporate Development is always kind of a mushy sounding job, so we’re trying to make it less mushy for Ken. He will be working on key partnerships related to expansion across all three of our main businesses, coordinating with George Bilbrey & Co. on the Sender Score/deliverability side, to Craig on the Postmaster business, to Jeff Mattes and the Authentic Response team on market research. That probably still sounds mushy, but it’s not, I promise.

As the team’s coach (OK, I guess I’m the front office GM as well), I am super excited to add these three players to our roster. Our clients, prospects, other teammates, and business will all benefit!

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