Return Path Launches New Tool to Positively Determine Email Marketing Relevance

[Editor’s Note: April Fools’! For those who did not figure it out right away this post was a joke in honor of the global holiday April Fools’ Day. Of course we do have plenty of real ways we help marketers better connect with their subscribers. Fill out our contact us form and we’ll help you find the solution that is right for your business.]

Facial Recognition System Uses a “Happy” Scale to Measure Subscriber Satisfaction

New York, NY – April 1, 2010 – Return Path announced today a new tool called Basic User-Level Live Subscriber Happiness Intelligence Tool that uses webcams and facial recognition software to determine the true relevance of email marketing communications. An advanced version also layers in brain wave and heart rate monitoring. The company plans to add in additional features throughout the year.

Email marketers will be able to use the tool to determine, in real time, how “happy” the recipient of the message is. By scoring this happiness measure across literally thousands of subscribers, marketers can improve their programs for greater response.

“This tool is really revolutionary. Never before have marketers had access to this kind of intelligence about how their messages are perceived by the people who receive them,” said George Bilbrey, President of Return Path. “Our pilot clients have already seen exponentially increased response rates based on the tool’s data.”

Return Path’s ISP and mailbox provider partners will also be able to leverage the system to determine how happy recipients are with all the email sent to their customers.

“This tool will give large-volume email receivers a whole new level of data on their customers satisfaction with the emails they receive,” said Tom Bartel, VP for Receiver Services at Return Path. “We can show them the irritation level that recipients feel when they get too many email messages from a single sender. We will also show the happiness that people show when they get communications targeted to their interests.”

“With this system, everyone wins,” said Bilbrey. “Senders get better business intelligence to make smarter decisions and ultimately send more interesting — happier! — emails. Receivers get information about their customer’s preferences that can help them to better gauge satisfaction with the inbox experience.”

To support the program, Return Path will be supplying millions of consumers with webcams, heart rate monitors and other equipment. For details about the program email [email protected]

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