Return Path Powers Email Feedback Loops For More Than 60% of Leading Email Providers; Yahoo! Mail Will Also Employ Return Path’s Sender Score Certified

New York, NY – January 20, 2009 – Return Path, the leading email deliverability and email reputation services provider today announced the extension of its anti-spam feedback loop service to Yahoo! Mail. The Return Path anti-spam feedback loop helps ensure Yahoo! Mail “this is spam” votes are communicated to email senders, providing legitimate, commercial senders the ability to quickly address spam complaints by Yahoo! Mail users.

With the new Return Path-powered email feedback loop, commercial senders can monitor, in real-time, when Yahoo! Mail users report their emails as spam. This powerful feedback data gives commercial email senders the ability to identify the messages users are complaining about and better understand why recipients are marking their mail as spam. With this information, senders can fix the problems that are causing the complaints, improving their own email delivery rate while reducing spam complaints. Email senders can access information from this feedback loop at (

Return Path now provides email feedback loops for more than 60 percent of the largest internet service providers (ISPs), including Comcast, Cox,, and Mailtrust. ISPs with active email feedback loops report multiple benefits, including reducing spam complaints by 20-40 percent, reducing questions from email senders about why emails were filtered or blocked, and reducing the time spent tinkering with email blacklists and whitelists.

“By operating feedback loops for ISPs, Return Path can help ISPs, commercial senders and all email users,” said Alex Rubin, Vice President, Business Development, Return Path. “ISPs can leverage Return Path’s expertise in dealing with the volume of spam complaints and quickly implementing robust feedback loop solutions. Commercial senders have free access to Return Path-powered feedback loops and they are further enhanced by Return Path’s extensive data – delivery, filtering, and complaint stats – to help answer their questions and ultimately improve their email campaigns’ effectiveness. Email consumers are the real winners with more feedback loops, by receiving less junk mail in their inboxes.”

In addition to the launch of the Yahoo! Mail Feedback Loop, Yahoo! will also begin consulting Return Path’s Sender Score Certified as one part of Yahoo! Mail’s extensive email filtering process. Sender Score Certified, the largest email whitelist program that covers more than 1.4 billion email inboxes worldwide, enables ISPs to identify email from legitimate, qualified email senders and avoid accidentally blocking or delaying that email.

Email senders included in Sender Score Certified must pass a rigorous vetting process of their email program – a process that ultimately rejects more than 50 percent of companies that apply. Sender Score Certified is one tool in Return Path’s pursuit of open email and deliverability standards. Consumers benefit by receiving only the commercial email that they have signed up for, and large and small companies benefit by ensuring that the consumers who request their email receive that communication.

“We continue to expand Sender Score Certified, and Yahoo!’s adoption is the latest step in our growth,” said Matt Blumberg, Chairman and CEO of Return Path. “Millions of consumers use Yahoo! Mail, and now legitimate email senders have an even greater chance of successfully delivering their email to Yahoo! Mail inboxes. In addition, with Yahoo! implementing Sender Score Certified more consumers benefit by receiving the emails they want as opposed to having those email messages mistakenly end up in the junk folder.”

With Yahoo! now using Sender Score Certified as part of its email filtering process, the largest email whitelist covers most of the leading North American ISPs, including Windows Live Hotmail, Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner, GoDaddy, Cox Communications, and Sender Score Certified also covers thousands of businesses using filtering solutions from Spam Assassin, Barracuda Networks and Cloudmark. Cloudmark is the latest email spam filtering provider to choose and fully integrate Sender Score Certified. Cloudmark’s global base of service provider customers includes Earthlink, Comcast, Charter Communications, THUS, Tele2,, Fastweb, NTT OCN and NEC BIGLOBE. Sender Score Certified delivers more than 16 billion messages every month for some of the world’s top marketers including Willams-Sonoma, Expedia and iVillage.

About Return Path
Founded in 1999, Return Path helps commercial email senders get more email delivered to the inbox. Our tools and services give senders the tools and insight to diagnose and prevent email deliverability and rendering failures by improving and maintaining their email sending reputations. Return Path works with both the sending and receiving communities to bring transparent standards to email delivery and filtering. Return Path’s runs the Internet’s most widely used third-party whitelist, Sender Score Certified. For more information, please visit

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