Return Path Customer MoneySuperMarket Wins Direct Marketing Association Award

Earlier this month, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) held its awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of marketers in 2015. The awards acknowledge and celebrate the best and brightest talent in the direct marketing industry this year.

We were delighted to see Return Path customer MoneySuperMarket won the Best Use of E-mail Marketing award in the Channels and Campaigns category for their “An EPIC reactivation” campaign working with Proximity, their creative agency. Return Path provides email optimization which is vital to the running of successful email campaigns. The use of such products provides MoneySuperMarket with a real advantage.

Getting inactive subscribers to read these emails was only part of the challenge. MoneySuperMarket’s strategy was successful because it also delivered really low deleted unread ratesas a % of emails read, and against MoneySuperMarkets’s long-term benchmarkproviding another strong indicator of the positive engagement these emails generated. As a result, filtering levels were also exceptionally low, which creates a virtuous circlethe more these emails were delivered to the inbox, the more they were read!

Win-back emails provide just one example of using data triggers to drive program automation. They are extremely effective revenue drivers and 30% of email program revenue now comes from triggered emails, and from only ± 3.5% of total program volume. With 2016 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make this a key element of your email strategy, if you aren’t doing so already. Here are eight “do’s and don’ts” for win-backs:

  • Do plan for trigger acquisition
  • Do know what you want to automate
  • Do start with what will generate the biggest returns
  • Do balance quality with quantity
  • Do leverage all available touch points
  • Don’t rely on dirty data
  • Don’t assume timing has to be immediate
  • Don’t miss opportunities for feedback

Email marketers who fail to get the basics of email marketing right risk their campaigns not arriving in customers’ inboxes or being ignored if they do arrive. Email is not just a channel for communication, but can be used to gather valuable customer data.

By using this data to optimize email campaigns, marketers can boost deliverability and customer interaction. There are a plethora of additional options available to marketers to create improved campaigns but by following these top tips they will have created a good basis for all email campaigns.

Once again, congratulations to MoneySuperMarket on its DMA award success!

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