Return Path Customer easyJet Wins Direct Marketing Association Accolade

Last month, The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) held its award ceremony to celebrate ‘The Real Difference’ that marketers made in 2013. The awards recognise and celebrate the best and brightest talent in the direct marketing industry this year.

We were thrilled to see that Return Path customer easyJet won the Best Email Gold Award for its most recent email campaign. The awards are judged by 200 industry peers who looked at the strategy, creativity and results which make up a winning entry. easyJet won because it wowed the judges in these criteria, specifically by engaging customers, boosting sales, delivering a campaign ROI of 67 to 1 and doing the basics of email marketing well.

This got us thinking that email marketers should make a New Year’s resolution to implement best practice guidelines. Here are our five tips for creating top class campaigns in 2014:

  1. Deal with the data
    Use non-email data from the wider business to inform campaigns. easyJet looks at customers’ past booking behaviour to personalise each email. For example, which airport they previously flew from, the cost of their flights, time of year they booked and type of holiday. This personalisation will boost subscriber engagement.
  2. Don’t “batch and blast”’ emails
    Customers notice the difference when they receive a carefully tailored email and are more likely to interact and purchase as a result of receiving one. easyJet’s campaign contained targeted suggestions based on individual information, even though this moved away from the previously tried and tested approach for the airline industry. Companies need to be responsive to a customer’s individual needs, not target everyone with the same information at the same time.
  3. Create a one click option for booking/purchasing
    If an email peaks a customer’s interest, the option to purchase has to be easy to spot so they can act on it. easyJet’s emails had a simple and easy booking option, meaning only a few steps for customers to book.
  4. Test email campaigns for formatting and functionality
    Image and link enablement is very important for enticing customers. Dynamic content is key to engaging people and it’s an email marketer’s responsibility to ensure campaigns are tested to display properly on all devices and for all email providers.
  5. Get certified
    Certification is an industry recognised method for helping customers increase their inbox placement and email response rates. It means that marketer’s emails are recognised as legitimate every time they’re sent and helps more emails get to customers who want to receive them.

Email marketers who fail to get the basics of email marketing right risk their campaigns not arriving in customer’s inboxes or being ignored if they do arrive. Email is not just a channel for communication, but can be used to gather valuable customer data. By using this data to create email intelligence, marketers can boost deliverability and customer interaction. There are a plethora of additional options available to marketers to create improved campaigns but by following these top five tips, they will have created a good basis for all email campaigns.

Once again, congratulations to easyJet on its DMA award win!

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