The 2019 Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability

Industry benchmarks for engagement based metrics

Email is still the leading marketing channel to reach customers, and its effectiveness is continuing to improve. To take advantage of the opportunity of email, marketers need to be focused on the experience they are providing for their subscribers.

By understanding, tracking, and improving email engagement, marketers will not only be able to boost their ROI, but it will also help them protect their email program. In our annual Hidden Metrics Benchmark, we uncover the benchmarks of seven engagement based metrics you should be tracking.

Download the report to learn:

• A detailed overview of seven hidden metrics broken out by industry
• The effects each metric has on your email program
• How subscriber engagement has changed compared to last year
• How you can optimize our email program for better results

Read the report to discover the metrics you are missing along with new ways to optimize your program.