Guide to Gmail Categories


Four years ago, Gmail shocked the email world with their solution to inbox overload—Gmail tabs. Gmail users welcomed this new offering with almost a 100 percent adoption rate. Email marketers—who initially feared the worst—learned that this multiple “inbox” system decreased the amount of content they had to compete with for subscriber attention.

Four years later, the excitement of tabs has simmered down as users have identified if and how Gmail tabs work for them. Now that Gmail tabs have found their place in the email ecosystem, we wanted to take another in-depth look at how users are interacting with tabs today and how usage has changed since launch.

In this guide, we take a look at the current state of Gmail tabs, including:

  • How many Gmail users have tabs enabled and which tabs are they using
  • Whether Gmail users are checking or avoiding the Promotions tab
  • How accurately Gmail classifies messages into tabs
  • The percent of messages classified into the five tabs by industry
  • And more!