Four Ways to Find Student Marketing Success with Data

Playbook on how higher education can use better data to create more effective student marketing.

Even though digital engagement with prospective students is critical to higher education institutions, a majority of schools haven’t invested in data quality, making their marketing simply unreliable and ineffective. While they face shrinking endowments and decreased enrollments, implementing new processes to collect the data they need can create issues like a tech learning curve and need for new security and procedural protocols. These challenges can make the ROI on better data feel like a gamble.

In this playbook, we’ll explore four ways higher education institutions can clean, organize, and use better data to create more effective, less expensive, and deeply personalized student marketing. Inside the playbook:

  • Optimizing and authenticating data to ensure data integrity
  • Using a personalized approach to stand out in the crowded competitive
  • The benefit of automated message triggers at key stages of the prospective student’s journey