The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels, with an average return of $42 dollars for every one dollar spent (DMA, 2019). You might think it’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity, after all, you just need to hit send and you are done, right?Wrong.  

Email is actually quite a complex marketing channel. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and many problems that can go unnoticed unless you have access to the right data and know where to look.  

To help you take advantage of the email channel, we created—The Fundamentals of Email Marketing. This guide lays out the foundation of email marketing, giving you the insight you need to understand how email marketing works, including:  

  • What are spam filters and how do you pass them? 
  • How do you measure email success? 
  • How can you optimize your program to avoid the spam filter?  
  • And more!  

Download the eBook here!