Case Study

Eargo, Inc.

Eargo is a company made up of ENT surgeons, tech geeks, and dreamers, united in the belief that people should be able to hear life to the fullest—because the world is full of great things to hear. By improving hearing, they want to help people live and feel better. Eargo uses email to build brand awareness and loyalty, provide educational and lifestyle content, and stay connected with customers before, during, and after the sale.  


When a new Eargo customer purchases the company’s revolutionary hearing aids, they are paired with a licensed hearing professional. Eargo’s hearing professionals work side-by-side with each customer to ensure they are comfortable acclimating to their device, to determine which of the device’s four Sound Programs are best-suited for hearing every moment of their day, and to provide tips and tricks around cleaning and caring for the hearing aids, a technological device, to extend their longevity. The hearing professionals are available via remote support to help customers answer any questions throughout their journey to better hearing health. 

The brand was looking for new ways to continue developing more lasting customer relationships and brand advocates, which they hoped would lead to future referrals and additional purchases. They decided to launch an ongoing customer newsletter, which would give them an opportunity to keep customers engaged post-purchase, reinforce the value of their purchase, and deliver content that resonates with their audience. 


To ensure their newsletter program would reach its intended audience, Eargo turned to the Certification program from Return Path by Validity. Becoming Certified required Eargo to meet strict requirements for sending practices and infrastructure, but it helped to ensure their messages would reach the inbox by providing reduced filtering and preferential inbox placement at major mailbox providers worldwide.  

With their path to the inbox secured, the team at Eargo turned to the email content and creative. They decided to treat their newsletter as a holiday edition, with feel-good messaging that reinforced the value of “hearing the sounds of the season.” They incorporated a personalized hero image showing the customer’s name on a virtual gift tag, adding a touch of fun to the holiday campaign.  


Eargo saw phenomenal engagement from their holiday newsletter, with opens and clicks that far outpaced the industry average. This is especially impressive when you consider they were competing for attention with massive amounts of holiday email from thousands of other retail brands.