Razer Wins Email Hero Award for Best Themed Email

Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Themed Email, this week we’re featuring Razer! 

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Shannon Chua, Digital Marketing Specialist at Razer. 

What were the goals of this particular campaign? 

One day before Christmas, we emailed our subscribers with the intent of sending them Christmas greetings, as well as to entice any of our subscribers who might have been doing some last-minute Christmas shopping to shop our Razer Products.  

Did you face any key challenges along the way? 

In order to achieve our goals, creating prominence in our email was our top priority. We had aimed to create an email that was both attention-grabbing and appealing while still embodying the Christmas theme.  

Firstly, we engaged the help of the Return Path Platform to increase our inbox placement and deliverability, which prevented our emails from being marked as spam. Besides increasing visibility in the inbox, we also aimed to increase prominence in our email content by incorporating colorful moving GIFs coupled with Christmas-related promo codes and showcasing Christmas-themed products to reinforce the festive theme. Through conducting multiple tests under Return Path’s Inbox Preview, we were able to review and modify our content to best fit our target audience and were able to increase prominence across all aspects of our email. 

What were your campaign results? 

While our main intent of this email was to send Christmas greetings to our subscribers, our Christmas email performed very well, generating a significant threefold increase in sales as well as a substantial improvement in our open rates and click through rates. Compared to previous years’ Christmas emails, this email witnessed an increase in open rate by 22.9% coupled with an increase in click-through rate by 137.5% and finally an increase in click-to-open rate by 91%.  

How did you achieve these results? 

 With many other companies sending out emails during the busy holiday period, our biggest hurdle was to make our email stand out from all other emails in our subscribers’ inbox and to do so, we needed the support of Return Path’s tools to increase inbox placement as well as to optimize the subject line and preheader used.  

Click here for our complete list of winners. Want to learn more about how Razer optimized their email program? Check out their case study here

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