Q&A: Who do I need to work with internally to prevent phishing?

Generally, there are three different types of groups that you’ll want working together to address email phishing and spoofing within an organization – Marketers, Email Operations and IT/Security Professionals.

Marketers are primarily interested in making sure their emails are getting delivered so subscribers can respond to their messages. Marketers are on the frontline because they’re the ones who want to protect their brand reputation and ensure their inbox placement and response rates aren’t being affected by loss of trust in the email channel. Their ROI is dependent upon the level of trust subscribers have with them and the content they provide.

Email Operations work with marketing to maximize email deliverability and to build efficiencies of scale for marketing, transactional and corporate mailstreams. They ensure all of the email is authenticating properly, maintain the infrastructure, and monitor performance issues affecting email reputation. To do so they must also work with Security/IT departments to secure the email channel from fraudulent activity.

IT/Security Professionals are interested in keeping networks and computers secure from attacks.  They work closely with email ops to secure the email channel, preventing email phishing and spoofing attacks and minimize the effect of attacks that successfully infiltrate the organization. Their primary objective is to protect confidential and sensitive information stored on computers from getting into the wrong hands.

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