Proof Positive

Matt Blumberg
By Matt Blumberg
CEO & Chairman

For years, Return Path’s Certification program has provided members who apply and pass our rigorous quality standards with a great range of benefits. As the industry’s leading third-party whitelist solution, our members get preferential treatment like the automatic display of images and nearly 100% inbox placement rates at participating providers like Hotmail and Yahoo (1.4 billion end client email inboxes worldwide in all). Nothing new there.

Today we are announcing an innovative partnership with RPost, a company we’ve known and respected for almost a decade. RPost has done some interesting work – and has plenty of patents to prove it – around legal proof of delivery. Their technology is court-admissible, ironclad legal proof of delivery, right down to the contents of the message.

Why are we offering this to our Certified members? Not only will mailers benefit from Certification’s strong Inbox Placement, but now those mailers who require legal proof of delivery for their emails will have that capability within Return Path’s Certification program. And with Return Path Certification’s extensive footprint covering over two million domains worldwide, program members can receive proof of delivery across the globe. Think of this as a legally valid “return receipt” for vital email messages that include critical information like financial statements and insurance notifications. For those situations when Return Path Certification members need more than just an assurance of inbox placement.

What mailers will be interested in our RPost-powered Certification proof of delivery? Many financial companies – investment firms, insurance companies – are now migrating financial statements from paper to email. In addition, we think companies who have time-sensitive notifications and alerts or sensitive transactional messages will be interested in our new Certification proof of delivery powered by RPost.

As the Return Path Certification program has grown, we’ve heard from our members that we’re successful in getting their email delivered to the inbox, but now they want more capabilities from those successfully delivered emails. And we’re going to give it to them thanks to our partnership with RPost. But, stay tuned. We’re just getting started. 2010 will be a very exciting year for Return Path Certification.

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