Email Marketing White Paper

The Truth About Spamtraps

In an effort to help modern marketers better understand the impact of spamtraps, their associated risks, and the practices that should be followed to avoid them altogether, we partnered with a former postmaster at Hotmail and current anti-spam advocate and deliverability expert to create this guide.

  • Improve ROI of your email marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to avoid being caught in spam filters
  • Reduce the mistakes you’re making that are getting your emails caught in spamtraps
  • Improve the sender reputation of your domains for better engagement rates

6 Ways CRM Data Impedes Sales and What You Can Do About It

Sales teams need data they can trust. But ensuring they have access to CRM data that’s accurate requires knowledge first and action second. In this special report, you’ll discover the types of data errors that have the most impact on sales success, as well as the quickest way they can be resolved so you can:

  • Improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality
  • Increase customer engagement and reduce churn
  • Stop CRM data issues from undermining sales initiatives
  • Remove team frustrations caused by questions of account ownership and poor pipeline management
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