Inbox Insight

When subscribers receive hundreds of marketing messages a month, how do you make sure your emails stand out in the inbox? Inbox Insight from Return Path helps you drive engagement and get noticed by ensuring your messages resonate with subscribers.

Powered by Return Path’s Consumer Network, you’ll get access to millions of messages with engagement data from hundreds of thousands of consumer inboxes. Our insights include not only your own engagement metrics but also show how subscribers are engaging with your competitors’ offers. With this information, you can optimize your message and propel your email marketing strategy.

Inbox Insight:

The data in Inbox Insight gives you access to metrics on your and your competitor’s campaigns, including:

Which other brands are emailing your subscribers and competing for their attention.

Which days of the week are the busiest email days for your subscribers.

Powerful engagement metrics, such as such as: Read %, Delete without Reading %, Mailbox Provider Marked Spam %, and This is Not Spam %, so you can optimize your email strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

Emails from across industries and campaign types for creative and content inspiration.

“This product fills a big gap we had in gathering competitive intelligence and allows us to see where we could be doing better in driving the engagement we need to win.”

Timothy O’Brien, Group Manager at Intuit

Creative and Content Inspiration

Signing up for dozens of email campaigns to see what other marketers are sending is time consuming, inbox bursting, and gives you an incomplete look into their email program. Researching campaigns online is tedious, requiring you to rely on emails that other marketers thought were interesting. No matter which tactics you use to gather creative inspiration, they can be unproductive and do not provide data on how the email performed with actual subscribers.

Whether you are looking to revamp your current email template, a weekly email newsletter, or want to start a brand new winback campaign, you’re likely going to need some help getting your wheels turning.

With access to our Browse Campaigns feature, you get an easily searchable repository of millions of email messages to utilize for creative and content inspiration. This also includes:

Performance metrics on how the campaigns actually performed with real subscribers.

Campaign inspiration across subject lines, industries, and campaign types that you can save or download for easy reference.

Campaign information such as the date the campaign was sent, the company name, their from domain, inbox/spam placement, and more.

These insights help you construct the perfect email and give you confidence to try something new to boost email program success.

Reaching the inbox doesn’t have to be a challenge.

With Return Path from Validity, we help ensure your delivered messages are actually delivered to the inbox, not the spam folder, increasing customer engagement and email program ROI.



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