Certification from Return Path

Reach more subscribers and increase revenue with Certification.

On average, certified senders see inbox placement rates 33 percentage points higher than similar non-certified senders

As an email marketer, your primary concern is to ensure your emails end up where they need to be; the inbox. Certification, the industry’s most powerful whitelisting and sending practices program, is here to help. It’s a unique program that combines exclusive data and insight into your inbox placement with benefits directly from mailbox providers to get more emails delivered, reach more subscribers, and increase revenue.

By not being Certified, marketers are leaving $135 billion on the table each year.


Certification is the industry’s most powerful sender practices and whitelisting program –including direct and indirect inbox benefits at major mailbox providers and filtering companies to ensure your emails reach your subscribers. More emails in the inbox means more opportunities for your subscribers to see your message, and ultimately drive increased ROI from the email channel. We publish a Certified senders list that’s available to global mailbox providers and email security firms. Our Certified customers see a measurable increase in inbox placement at top mailbox providers who routinely access and utilize this list. On average, Certified senders experience inbox placement rates that are 33 percentage points greater than similar, non-Certified senders.

Exclusive data

Every marketing program can benefit from better visibility into their deliverability, especially when that data comes directly from the mailbox providers and filtering agencies. Certified senders access exclusive mailbox provider data feeds which deliver detailed information about KPIs, inbox placement rates, and Certification performance. Key reputation insights into blacklisting status, complaints, and spam trap hits helps your program stay on track and performing better than your competitors.

Security and service

We constantly monitor your program so that you don’t have to. With Certification, you receive actionable performance warnings so that you can respond and avoid losing benefits. We’re constantly checking your mail stream across our numerous partner data feeds and take action if we spot dangerous traffic – a 24/7 security benefit you can’t get anywhere else. If your program is compromised, we work with you to help resolve the problem.

“Certification provides a measurable lift when it comes to inbox placement rates, but also provides an invaluable data set at various mailbox providers, such as Yahoo and, that helps guide our deliverability strategy.”

Ryan Boyd, Senior Director Eng Operations at Groupon

Did you know…

Certification offers an advantage to senders who follow program guidance and maintain consistency with safe and strong sending practices.

Once Certified, many senders see an average increase of 5% in inbox placement with their Gmail subscribers.

With Certification, you’ll continue to improve your email program while simultaneously experiencing increased inbox placement rates.

Reaching the inbox doesn’t have to be a challenge.

With Return Path from Validity, we help ensure your delivered messages are actually delivered to the inbox, not the spam folder, increasing customer engagement and email program ROI.



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