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Getting Started Guides

GridBuddy Install/Migration Guide

Installing/Migrating Gridbuddy from Sandbox into a Target Org.

GridBuddy Extensions and Customization Guide

GridBuddy is a highly configurable application for managing and editing data in

GridBuddy Service Cloud Add-On

The GridBuddy Service Cloud Add-On is a starter pack for GridBuddy that includes grids and page layout components.

GridBuddy Sales Cloud Add-On

The GridBuddy Sales Cloud Add-On is a starter pack for GridBuddy that includes grids and page layout components.

GridBuddy Mobile Best Practices

The GridBuddy Mobile Best Practices guide is a high-level guide that provides your users with the best mobile experience for GridBuddy.


18 pre-configured grids that are applicable to the most common Salesforce use cases across Sales, Sales Operations, Customer Success, Marketing Operations and Support.

Release Notes

New Product Features & Improvements

Training Videos

How to Install GridBuddy

Length: 4:46 minutes
Audience: Admins

This video provides a step by step introduction to installing GridBuddy from the AppExchange. It includes finding the Grid specific tabs and how to manage users and profiles. In this video, you will learn how to enable Grid Wizard and Visualforce Page access to users.

GridBuddy Overview for New Users

Length: 5:39 minutes
Audience: End Users

This video provides an introduction to GridBuddy. It includes how grids can be used, how to access your grids and baseline navigation. You will learn how to drill into multiple related objects, create new records inline and how to edit/update your data from a single screen.

GridBuddy Essentials Training 201

Length: 63:09 minutes
Audience: End Users

This video provides a more in-depth view of GridBuddy features including: Grid Wizard, grid integration, advanced configuration, deployment overview, and the release and upgrade process.

Creating a Grid with Grid Wizard

Length: 3:21 minutes
Audience: Admin

In this video, you will learn how to create a grid in GridBuddy using the Grid Wizard in just 3 easy steps.

GridBuddy Buttons and Icons

Length: 14:08 minutes
Audience: End Users

This video provides an overview of the buttons and icons included in the user interface to help you interact with your data inside your grids.

GridBuddy Mass Update

Length: 9:13 minutes
Audience: End Users

This video provides a deep-dive into the power of mass updating your data. It is a configuration decision based on process specifications. You will learn how to mass update not only multiple records at the same time but mass update across multiple related lists at once.

GridBuddy User Defined Filters

Length: 19:19 minutes
Audience: End Users

This video provides a deeper-dive into the flexibility of user defined filters which allows you to work with the information you need to view, create and edit using a subset of data that aligns with your individual business process.

Grid Wizard Overview

Length: 9:28 minutes
Audience: Admins

This video is the beginning of the Grid Wizard overview series for GridBuddy administrators or power users who will design, create and maintain grids. We provide an overview of the Grid Wizard tab and all the options administrators have available to them.

Create Tabbed Views

Length: 9:57 minutes
Audience: Admins

This video shows how to build an entire application within a VF/Web tab using tabbed pages. By using tabbed pages, you can provide the continuity of a process so it’s clear and users have a sequence of steps to easily follow for their role.

Embedding a Grid

Length: 9:35 minutes
Audience: Admins

This video shows how to embed a grid into your page layout and replace related lists with targeted data sets. Use tabbed pages to supplement or replace list views and/or record detail pages to get to the relevant data.

Flat View

Length: 10:43 minutes
Audience: Admins and End Users

This video shows how to view parent and related data in the same row and “flatten” your data. Highlights include how to see all objects in one row without having to drill into your data. Also learn how to enable Flat View through the Grid Wizard. Use cases include Campaign Management and Opportunities with Products. Note: Unlimited Edition is required.

Object Cross Reference (OXR) and Flat View

Length: 8:01 minutes
Audience: Admins

This video combines the power of mapping related and unrelated data to build powerful views including filtering by these cross-object relationships. Use cases include Opportunities with Account detail using Flat View to access data in one row. Another use case includes adding a cousin relationship, which in our example, highlights Case objects with additional cross referencing.

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