GridBuddy from Validity

All the data you need in one editable view within Salesforce

Boost revenue, experience better data quality, and improve CRM user adoption with the most productive tool in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Without a simple way to update and manage critical data within your CRM, your user adoption, productivity, data quality, and forecasting suffers. GridBuddy integrates the data your sales team needs into one simple view so they can spend more time selling and less time manipulating data.

Here’s what you’ll get

Simplified CRM workspace

Boost sales operational efficiency and leverage more accurate forecasts with GridBuddy processes that streamline any Salesforce use case.

Improved data quality and end-user adoption

Leverage a better UX for Salesforce and a simplified workflow that propels company growth and reduces spend.

Elevated customer experience and campaign effectiveness

Access all the data you need in one simple view so that your team can benefit from faster lead distribution and follow-up.

What GridBuddy from Validity Delivers

With GridBuddy from Validity, you benefit from better data quality and your users gain access to a simple view to manage all the data they need on one screen.


Boost sales team productivity immediately after installation with pre-configured ReadyGrids that streamline the ways you work with CRM data in Salesforce. ReadyGrids include common Sales, Marketing and Customer Success use cases.

Pipeline Management

Increase accuracy and save time in pipeline management. Visualize groupings in a matrix-style report showing the totals of each group at the top. Edit records from any object–related, unrelated, or custom—without leaving your Salesforce workspace.

Customer 360

Quickly access relevant customer and account information without having to open different windows or systems. Access a holistic picture of your customer on the account level, as well as for key contacts, open opportunities, and in-flight tasks (configurable to whatever your business process is).

Lead and Campaign Management

Easily update opportunities and related information from a single screen. See all the related data in one actionable, spreadsheet-like view, including contacts, opportunity, products, quotes, and more.


Consolidate all external forecasting spreadsheets into a centralized and controlled process within Salesforce. Access everything you need for top-down forecasting and gain visibility into local and global territories.

At-Risk Pipeline

Use grids to work with your at-risk opportunities for the last or next 90 days and gain access to the data that directly impacts your business. At-risk opportunities are integrated into an editable grid for efficient and focused pipeline management.

Improving sales team productivity and managing CRM data doesn’t have to be challenging.

Learn more about GridBuddy from Validity and maximize the time that your sales team spends selling.



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