GridBuddy Cloud

Boost productivity and operational efficiency.

Only the fields you want, from all the objects you need, in one editable workspace

Without a simple way to update and manage critical data within Salesforce, user adoption, productivity, and data quality suffer. GridBuddy Cloud integrates the data your teams need into one simple view so they can spend more time focusing on the customer and less time manipulating data.

Here’s what you’ll get

Multi-object, inline editing

You can view and edit fields from all objects relevant to your job function in one spot. Unlike with native list views, you’re not limited to fields that can be updated.

Editable, multi-object reports

Run reports on the specific data you want and edit it all in the same report view, without opening a different tab to manage each record.

Data from multiple orgs in a single view

Pull data from every Salesforce org your business uses into one consolidated area to make informed, data-driven decisions.

What GridBuddy Cloud from Validity Delivers

The right end user experience increases productivity, promotes CRM adoption, and results in data you can trust.


Pre-configured, customizable grids addressing key use cases for sales, service, marketing, and operations.


Create and administer custom grids for specific users, use cases, and business processes.

Multi-object Architecture

Display a primary object and up to four related or unrelated objects in a grid. Grids support cross-object filtering to work with specific data sets and the ability to inline edit any field shown, individually or en masse.

Salesforce to Salesforce

Authenticate into multiple Salesforce orgs and show a true 360-degree view of your customers and prospects, even when their information lives in different orgs.

Grid-based Related Lists

Replace standard Salesforce related lists with inline editable grid-style related lists. While Lightning components allow you to see the related objects, embedded grids allow you to immediately work with the data without having to open yet another tab.

Conditional Formatting

Color-code cells or rows based on certain criteria to highlight important dates, new business processes, and missing data.

Workspaces by Job Function

Create a collection of role-based grids providing a focused workspace to expedite the day-to-day tasks for each user.

Advanced, Editable Reporting

Run reports on the specific records and objects you want with the ability to modify them all in the same report view.

Simplified Lightning Migration

Provide the same streamlined user experience whether your users run Classic or Lightning.

Improving your teams’ productivity and Salesforce adoption doesn’t have to be challenging.

Learn more about GridBuddy Cloud from Validity and maximize the benefits of your CRM



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