GridBuddy from Validity

All the data you need in one editable view within Salesforce

Are Enterprise CRMs working for you and your teams?

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud CRM, but its user experience lacks simplicity and speed. In fact, sales teams often use spreadsheets to manage and organize their data even after gaining access to a CRM system.

If your teams aren’t properly leveraging your CRM, you can’t trust your data outputs and your team loses valuable selling time.

Your forecasting isn’t hitting the mark and you need better visibility into your team’s pipeline.

Your sales team is spending hours every week managing data in Salesforce and they haven’t fully adopted its processes.

You want to advance campaign effectiveness and create a better customer experience but there is a lag between lead distribution and follow-up.

You know that increasing Salesforce user adoption would improve your data quality and forecasting accuracy, but aren’t sure how to get there.

See how you can succeed with GridBuddy

With GridBuddy from Validity, you benefit from better data quality and your users gain access to a simplified CRM workspace to manage and input critical data. We help leaders propel company growth and reduce overall spend while putting hours back into the sales week.

Gridbuddy reduces clicks and simplifies CRM data management

The truth is, working in your CRM shouldn’t be challenging, it should be rewarding. With GridBuddy’s grid-based utilities, you benefit from working in one screen instead of jumping from window to window to manage multiple records. GridBuddy’s streamlined approach to CRM data management means that your sales team closes deals faster and spends more time selling.

Streamlined processes result in better end-user adoption

GridBuddy simplifies even the most time-consuming CRM processes. Eliminate the need for spreadsheets for your end-users and bring visibility back into your system with grids that streamline complex business needs. Use grids to access all the information you need in a single screen, so your team can respond to customer needs faster. When your team is working within your CRM, you benefit from a lot more than time back in the selling week. Better end-user adoption means that you gain more trust in your forecasting accuracy and can set attainable goals.

Increased sales productivity means you’re hitting your goals

You have a lot on your plate. Being able to trust your forecasting and CRM data is going to help simplify your day. With grids that are ready to use immediately after installation, GridBuddy boosts sales team productivity and improves the CRM experience. And with access to a flexible and accurate forecasting workspace directly in your CRM, you gain the visibility you need to take advantage of every sales opportunity.

Improving sales team productivity and managing CRM data doesn’t have to be challenging.

Learn more about GridBuddy from Validity and maximize the time that your sales team spends selling.



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