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Data is arguably the top business asset to propel growth and increase customer retention. So why isn’t everyone implementing data quality processes? Because businesses assume that sophisticated data management is too costly and time consuming without realizing that doing nothing is costing them more. With DemandTools, high-quality data is an attainable goal.

Awesome Admins manage their data with the DemandTools Suite


Manage your data – duplicates, standardization, record reassignments, lead processing, and more – in record time and deliver high-quality data across your business. Automate your DemandTools data quality routines with JobBuilder for efficient and consistent data management.

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Import data without comprising your data integrity. Pre-import matching updates existing records with values from the incoming source and creates new records simultaneously. All records created or modified in the process can be routed to a Campaign and assigned a Task for proper tracking and customer engagement.

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Prevent duplicates at the source with real-time deduplication that runs every time a record is created or modified and automatically maintain your data quality. Tailor your approach with filters that only apply matching rules to specific subsets of records or users and integrate with your web-to-lead processes for special handling of leads generated by your website.

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What Customers Think of DemandTools

Don’t just take our word for it, DemandTools is a top-rated tool on G2 Crowd!

“As a contractor I am in and out of different businesses where it is clear to see the value DemandTools brings to our world of Data Driven Business Processes. For me this is a must have tool and it is great to know the team are not just standing still with this but innovating all the time so as to offer the customer a truly complete solution which I have not found elsewhere.”

Clare Heath, Salesforce Consultant, 3 R’s Consulting Limited

Did you know…

Employees waste up to 50% of their time dealing with data quality issues

Sales and marketing lose 550 hours and up to$32,000 per sales rep from using bad data

15% of leads contain duplicate records

Managing your data doesn’t have to be difficult

DemandTools helps establish the continual delivery of high-quality data and removes the complexities of data management with its ability to conform to your unique processes.



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