Partner Blog Takeover: NEW Infographic! Real-Time Email Validation Means Real Time ROI

BriteVerify is the world leader in email address validation with over 30,000 customers in over 150 countries. We perform an average of 500 million email validations every month.

As deliverability experts, Return Path is a natural partner for us. BriteVerify helps Return Path customers purge or avoid bad email addresses that drag deliverability down.

Leveraging BriteVerify technology, Return Path customers clean their existing list(s) or implement real-time validation at the point of capture. Our work together is the focus of a new Return Path infographic! After explaining our two different methods for email validation, the example explores how a retailer scores eye-popping ROI by validating emails at the point of email address capture, before invalid email addresses have the chance to enter their database.

The high ROI stems from a basic premise: you can’t connect with customers if their email address is invalid. By helping consumers avoid typos, BriteVerify turns worthless addresses into valuable ones.

For our customers, the results of real-time email validation speak for themselves:

“By adding the real-time email validation piece to our site, we catch problems with emails before the customer continues in checkout. This reduces contacts to our call center when customers key an invalid address, and it has allowed us to streamline our mobile checkout flow by removing the second ‘enter email address’ field. Additionally, it has given us another tool against fraudulent orders.”

Gail Buffington, eCommerce Director for Soft Surroundings, a women’s apparel, beauty, and home furnishings company.

“Real-Time Email Validation has allowed us to weed out bad emails without adding any additional steps to the user experience. Issues with unknown users seem to be a thing of the past as our rates have dropped from 3% to .02%.”

Sr. Vice President for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

These days, email is more important to your revenue goals than ever. That’s why it’s vital to make sure you’re adding only good, valid email addresses to your list up front. This ensures you’re only sending to real subscribers who help reach these goals for your company.

View Return Path’s new infographic to see how Real-Time Email Validation can help your business!

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