Orange Partners with Return Path to Maximise Its Subscribers’ Email Experience

As a global telecommunications operator active in more than 20 countries worldwide, Orange is a trusted brand that has always viewed its consumer email service as a private medium that must be protected and optimised. The company decided today to continue strengthening its strategy to offer a rich and innovative user experience on its email platform, through the Return Path Certification programme.

In addition to protecting its subscribers against abusive emails from marketers, spam, fraud, or any other activity that could negatively affect the quality of email environments, the partnership is designed to foster healthy interactions between users and brands or institutions, a presumption that called for renewed precision in the operator’s existing selection and filtering policy.

That’s why Orange decided to go a step further by adding an additional level of monitoring to its service quality and security system: the Return Path Certification programme. The list of IPs certified by Return Path is from now on integrated within the filtering process of incoming email messages to Orange addressees, in order to clearly identify safe and trustworthy legitimate brands and reputable senders. Certified IPs are distinguished from IPs that do not comply with best practices, thereby providing significantly improved deliverability capabilities, such as increased email delivery speed (number of simultaneous connections) and an unlimited number of messages. Orange will now report observed abuses to Return Path, with potential consequences to the reputation of the respective IPs.

The Return Path Certification programme, which has already been adopted by the majority of mailbox providers and covers over two billion consumer mailboxes, establishes high performance and reputation standards that must be met by senders in order to become and remain certified. Eligibility for the program requires that senders demonstrate very low complaint and spam trap rates, and only send messages from properly configured and authenticated servers with dedicated IPs. Lastly, they must prove their compliance with applicable laws and best practices.

Georges Smine, VP/General Manager of the Return Path Mailbox Provider Services, is excited about integrating Orange into the Return Path Certification programme. Ultimately, this approach not only represents an additional guarantee of protection for Orange customer inboxes, but it also sends a strong message to the entire French email ecosystem. Orange joins Microsoft, Yahoo!, and many other mailbox provider partners in adopting Return Path Certification, recognising that promoting best practices for marketers on a wide scale is essential for a safer quality email environment.

This collaboration bolsters the relationships already created by Orange and Return Path to fight spam within Signal Spam, an association that lets users report abuse to email ecosystem leaders and public authorities.

Alain Doustalet, Head of Internet Abuse at Orange, states, “Return Path’s Certification combined with our own practices optimises the user email experience and allows marketers to evaluate their practices and measure them using standards dictated by the Return Path program’s standards for best sending practices.”

Georges Smine welcomes this collaboration with Alain Doustalet, a member of M3AAWG (The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group), the international working committee focused on reducing fraud and email abuse.

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