One New Name, Two Levels of Trust

We have some exciting news to share today about certification services from Return Path.

We have incorporated two different programs – Sender Score Certified and SafeList (formerly from Habeas) – into one program called Return Path Certification. By combining these two programs, Return Path has developed the largest and most respected whitelist program in the email universe that is based on this key premise – if you can trust the sender, you can trust their mail.

For senders to participate in the program, they need only complete one application to be considered for Return Path Certification’s two levels of trust – Safe and Certified. To gain entry to our Safe level, senders must pass an audit of their email permission practices, privacy policy and legal compliance and show that they only send email from properly configured and authenticated servers. Then, companies whose reputation metrics identify them as “the best of the best” qualify for an automatic upgrade to the Certified level and gain access even more inboxes for no extra charge. Certified members also get special privileges like automatically enabled images and links at Windows Live Mail.

Of course a lot of things about the certification program are not changing. Most importantly, we will continue to offer the broadest coverage for marketers at an affordable cost that helps support their email ROI model. Senders who qualify for the Safe level benefit from improved delivery to over 300 million inboxes and enjoy preferential treatment from SpamAssassin, while Senders with stellar reputation metrics get enhanced delivery to more than 1.3 billion inboxes around the world including, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, Time Warner Cable, Cox, United Online, and GoDaddy. The program is also use by thousands of businesses using filtering solutions from SpamAssassin and Cloudmark. Cloudmark’s North American ISP customers include Earthlink, Comcast, Cox Communications, Charter, Telus and Cincinnati Bell. Cloudmark’s global service provider customers include Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Liberty, THUS, Tele2,, Fastweb, NTT Communications and NEC BIGLOBE.

And of course, unlike some certification systems, the Return Path program remains an open whitelist that can be used by any receiver in the email universe. In fact, the whitelist is queried more than 5 billion times per day. Receivers who use the whitelist can be assured that senders in the program are not malicious and are not trying to deliver viruses, phishing scams or other malware into their networks or their customers’ inboxes. Additionally, they can quickly identify the very best senders and give their email preferential treatment. This also means that for senders who qualify, there is no technology to implement and they don’t need to make any changes to their emailing platform.

You can apply for certification online at any time. We also now offer a pre-qualification quiz. If you’ve thought about applying but weren’t sure if you’d make it, now is a great time to take the quiz and learn more about the program and its benefits. Take the quiz now or learn more about Return Path Certification.

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