Not a Gamble with Return Path and the DMA

As an Email Marketing Consultant, I see plenty of marketers that gamble with their email marketing programs on a regular basis. Sending to old addresses. Sending too many emails. Sending bad creative.  These are some of the many reasons that I'm excited to be participating in the post-conference email marketing certification course at DMA 2012 in Las Vegas in just a few short days. While Vegas is known for gambling (among other things), this course is going to be jam-packed with great content to help certify attendees in email marketing and help them avoid gambling with their own email programs.  

From the state of the email industry and email marketing basics to creative, databases, and testing, this course is sure to contain great content and help attendees set their email programs up for success and avoid the risking behaviors that require email program rehab. My session will focus on how to test correctly, what to test, and establishing a culture of testing within your own organization.

Not registered to attend the DMA conference or get certified in email marketing? There's still time to register to ensure you're keeping your own email program in the black.  And don't miss other opportunities to check out Return Path at the DMA.

Return Path at the DMA

Sunday, October 14 – Tuesday, October 16

Visit us at booth #700 for product demos and answer trivia for prizes and giveaways!

Monday, October 15, 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm

Return Path is sponsor of DMA/Email Experience Council and OI (Only Influencers) Meet Up, Reef B, South Convention Center, Level 2. Please RSVP by emailing Jessica (at)  This meet up is open to members of the Only Influencers list, plus current EEC Members, as well as those interested in membership.

Tuesday, October 16

Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path and DMA Chairman of the Board, will MC at the Tuesday morning General Session and introduce the Co-Marketers of the Year.

Wednesday, October 17 & Thursday, October 18

Email Marketing Certification: Learn The Art And Science Of Testing, with Julia Peavy, Director, Response Consulting, Return Path (Post-Conference)

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