No Spam for My Valentine – Inbound Abuse Monitor for Postmasters

We’ve never claimed to be the experts on relationships, but we do believe that great partnerships come from showing a little bit of love. That’s why with over 100 trusted partnerships and relationships with Mailbox Providers and filtering agencies, Return Path is the first choice for access to industry leadership, exclusive data feeds, and cutting-edge products.

Our latest contribution to the email ecosystem, Inbound Abuse Monitor, simplifies decision-making around filtering and blocking inbound email for Postmasters. It’s not diamonds or chocolate, but it’s the kind of gift they want for Valentine’s Day.

The Story of the Postmaster:
Thousands of spam-sending IP addresses bombard Mailbox Providers (MBPs) with unwanted email daily. Although MBPs use the latest spam-fighting technologies, “bad” email from problematic IP addresses inevitably slips through the filters. Postmasters are often forced to make manual decisions on whether email should be filtered or blocked, but there is oftentimes too much data to make a sound decision, or the process is too time-consuming. The Postmasters’ goal is to provide the best email experience possible for their customers. They are interested in blocking unwanted email their customers complain about while making sure wanted and legitimate email gets delivered.

Inbound Abuse Monitor identifies the most problematic or “top offending” IP addresses for Postmasters on a daily basis, displaying pertinent information in a simple and clear user interface. These IP addresses are eluding current filtering efforts, but generating an unreasonable amount of complaints from customers. Inbound Abuse Monitor reduces the need for Postmasters to search through massive amounts of data to find these IPs and allows them to quickly obtain the information necessary to make informed decisions around filtering and blocking.

Return Path values our Mailbox Provider partnerships and we work with them to help aid in the fight against abuse in the email ecosystem.

Are you a Postmaster or a Mailbox Provider interested in using this tool or connecting with Return Path? If so, look for more information here.

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