A New Blog With Thought Leadership on CRM Data Integrity

The Validity blog is where you will find tips and strategies to support CRM data integrity and ensure everyone in the organization has access to the highest quality data possible.

Our goal with this new Validity blog is to provide valuable information and thought leadership that supports the efforts of database administrators, IT professionals, and others who are tasked with maintaining CRM data integrity for their organizations, as well as the marketers, sales team members, and more who must rely on the accuracy of that data to meet business objectives.

Businesses Rely On Accurate Data – We Can Help!

A high level of accuracy is critical in any database and poor data quality can be detrimental for multiple departments in an organization. For example:

  • Business leaders who make data-driven decisions need to know they can rely on the data they use to make those decisions
  • Sales reps must feel confident that the leads they receive are unique and that contact information and other fields are valid, so they don’t waste their time and efforts
  • Sales managers need to count on the data to accurately define sales pipelines and make sales forecasts
  • Marketers must prove the ROI of campaigns and can’t do so effectively if campaigns fail because of the data underlying them
  • Salesforce or other customer relationship management (CRM) system administrators and IT professionals must somehow manage the chaos of multiple data input sources and the complexities of data management

To help those who manage databases and lists as well as those who leverage them, Validity is committed to creating multiple resources that focus on achieving, maintaining, and using high quality data. These valuable support tools will include white papers, special reports, webinars, and more that provide insight into the consequences of bad data and the best way to avoid them. This new Validity blog is now part of that group of resources you can count on to gain confidence in your data.

Learning More About CRM Data Integrity

The types of articles we plan to feature in this blog will share ideas and best practices from industry leaders, real-world examples to inspire better data quality management in your organization, strategies that can be implemented to build confidence in data, and tips for working smarter, not harder with data. Examples of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Best practices for data cleansing and management
  • Tips that help you capture more leads
  • Maximizing business opportunities through more reliable data
  • Data strategies you can implement for better sales forecasting
  • Achieving expected ROI for your marketing campaigns
  • Ways to ensure databases are free of duplicates
  • How to avoid inaccurate or missing data elements
  • How data admins support business success
  • Developing a data quality process (check out our webinar on the topic)
  • And more

Stop By Often – We’ll Be Here to Support Your CRM Data Integrity Needs

We invite you to explore our data integrity platform on our website and in the Salesforce AppExchange, register for our webinars, and download our white papers. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on LinkedIn. And, of course, we hope you will visit this blog often as we will regularly post articles that cover the data quality and integrity topics that matter most to you.

We hope you will find all the resources Validity provides valuable in bolstering confidence in your data, improving your data cleansing and management skills, and demonstrating how you effectively manage and use data to support your company’s overall success.

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