More Spam? Say It Ain't So!

A recent flurry of articles on the increase of spam, have focused on the likelihood that we will continue to see a rise in the percentage of spam in overall email volumes:

  • All Spammed Up reported “that spam has increased over 141% since March and also found that spam volumes grow by over 117 billion e-mails a day”
  • McAfee has reported that in a little less than five months there has been a 140% increase in total spam volume. Reported causes are the 16% rise in botnet infections from Q1 2009 to Q2 2009. Many are also pointing a finger at the exploitation of social-networking sites for sending spam.
  • MX Logic recently released their July 2009 Threat Forecast report claiming that “Spam as a percentage of overall mail has reached its highest point ever, currently accounting for 94.6 percent of all e-mail”

It looks as though this is a trend we will continue to see reported by security vendors.

So, what does this really mean for the email universe, and specifically for receivers of email? As spam volumes grow, so will the need to have the resources to fight inbound as well as outbound spam. The necessity to develop more aggressive filters and take a deeper look at user-level feedback will continue to be a high priority.

The good news is that developing tools to identify the good email and the bad email is a priority at Return Path. Our Certification program can help to quickly identify legitimate senders and reduce false positive rates while our Reputation Network Blacklist is a real-time list of IP addresses that are the worst of the worst based on our comprehensive data.

When it comes down to it, spam is a nasty word in our book but Return Path is committed to growing our collaborative Reputation Network to provide the tools receivers need to deliver the mail that your subscribers want to receive, while keeping you and them safe from the evil clutches of unwanted mail.

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