More inboxes = More revenue. What’s your inbox rate?


Here is a typical conversation I have when first talking to someone about email deliverability:

Me: Have you experienced any deliverability issues?

Emailer: We don’t have deliverability problems.

Me: That’s great! How do you know?

Emailer: My mailing platform shows me stats about our deliverability.

Me: Awesome! How do they measure it?

Emailer: I’m not sure, but I know my messages aren’t bouncing.

That’s when a more serious discussion begins around the difference between a campaign’s delivered rate and its inbox placement rate.

In today’s email landscape, messages are usually being rejected based on a handful of errors such as invalid addresses, poor reputation, or questionable content. Once a receiver (a mailbox provider, not your customer) accepts a message, it’s passed through rigorous inspections including blacklist lookups, reputation checks, and content scoring. Some mailbox providers (primarily Gmail) even have their own engagement algorithms that determine message placement based on the behavior of their customers which makes landing in the Inbox difficult at best.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 6.00.57 PMIt’s always fascinating (at least to the email geeks at 250ok) to look at Inbox placement rates over time. When analyzing our Community Trend data over the past 90 days, we see 70% Inbox, 9% Spam, and 21% of messages go Missing. While that may read as 79% deliverability, it’s actually 9% of your delivered mail that’s never reaching your customers. For some senders, that could be millions of dollars in lost revenue!

Measuring deliverability trends enable you to identify an issue before it happens. Comparing these trends to data like opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, etc., give you the insight you need to start making the necessary changes to ensure continued success.

At 250ok, we focus on tracking this “last mile” of delivery and identifying revenue-impacting issues as quickly as possible to ensure your return on investment. With all of the time, effort and money you’ve invested into your email program, can you afford not to know how your messages are being handled?

So, what’s your Inbox Placement Rate? Let’s start measuring.

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