Gains Visibility into Mobile’s Impact on Marketing Campaigns with Return Path’s Campaign Insight

In-depth intelligence on devices and email platforms optimizes subscriber experience and maximizes response rates

New York, NY – July 20, 2011Return Path, the world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company, today announced that, the leading online resource and portal for active duty members of the military, veterans and the broader armed services community with more than 10 million subscribers, has leveraged Return Path’s Campaign Insight to gain invaluable intelligence into which devices and email platforms their subscribers use. By knowing which platforms and clients to focus on, is now able to better optimize their subscribers’ experience, maximize response rates and ensure a continued profitable partnership with their advertisers. sends tens of millions of emails a week. Subscribers have access to over 26 newsletters covering a range of topics including careers, finance, education and entertainment and receive emails promoting benefits and opportunities related to their subscriber members’ service branch — Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines and active duty or veteran status. To gain insight into how members are viewing their emails, turned to Return Path’s newest solution, Campaign Insight. This new solution provided with customer-level insight into where, when and how emails are being viewed – desktop, mobile, webmail and browsers, as well as enhanced visibility into how mobile is impacting their campaigns.

“We thought we had a pretty solid idea of our users and their habits – boy, were we surprised,” said Kirk Gray, eMarketing Specialist – Member Communications.  “The data from Campaign Insight was the missing link in the chain of information our organization needed to make intelligent decisions about our marketing strategy. Thanks to Return Path, we now have a new perspective on what our users want and are adjusting our marketing priorities accordingly. No marketing department should be without this invaluable data.”

By using pixel images, Campaign Insight has allowed to learn how members view and access their emails. They now know how many members read their emails on older platforms like Outlook 2007 in stark contrast to the many members who read their emails on mobile devices – even  how many members use iPhone 3 and how many have transitioned to iPhone 4. By knowing the email clients which are most often viewed, has prioritized their mobile marketing efforts while improved targeting has opened brand new profitable advertising opportunities.

“Campaign Insight was designed with the idea of bringing marketers closer to their audience,” said George Bilbrey, President of Return Path. “For, the mobile platform has become increasingly important and by gaining the in-depth intelligence that Campaign Insight provides – down to the specifics of which mobile device, browser and email client matters– it’s empowering them to better serve their subscribers and their advertising partners.”

The team works with Return Path’s professional services team and leverages Return Path’s entire Deliverability Monitoring Suite to attain inbox placement rates that exceed 95%.

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About Return Path

Return Path makes email work better by scoring and certifying email senders from around the world. We help marketers, publishers and other large-volume email senders increase their response rates by providing the world’s leading inbox deliverability solution. We help mailbox providers and email administrators at ISPs and enterprises block unwelcome and malicious email by providing near real-time IP reputation scores and other data-driven tools. Taken as a whole, these tools and services improve the consumer experience of email by protecting them from spam, phishing and other abuse. Return Path offers free access to Sender Score, the email reputation measure compiled through our cooperative data network of ISPs and other email receivers, at our reputation portal: Information about Return Path can be found at


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