Metrics Mayhem: Why Your Emails Aren't Producing Conversions

Email marketers put a lot of time and energy into creating that perfect email. From working with the creative team to ensure that the graphics are seamless to collaborating with copywriters about proper positioning, getting a relevant email to a consumer’s inbox is a team effort.

What if all that hard work isn’t translating to conversions? We know that increased conversions translate to more revenue, so not optimizing your emails for the best conversion rate possible can cost a company in the long run.

Let’s take a look at five questions you need to ask if your conversion rates are less than ideal:

1.Are your images showing up?
It’s very common for images to be disabled by default, as many email filtering programs disable images. One way to circumvent this issue is by making sure that your email is visually appealing with or without images enabled. It’s also important to make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices.

2. Are you customizing your emails for your subscribers?
Segmentation is the name of the game here. In order to get customers to click on your email (out of the many they receive on a daily basis), you have to give them something to pique their interest. By customizing your emails based on demographics, geography, and your customers’ personal preferences, you can send more personal (and personalized) emails.

3. Are you simplifying your email campaign?
Sometimes, less is more. Instead of having multiple links and an overload of information, ask yourself “What do I want people to do after reading this email?” If you want them to click on a link for a sale, make it very clear in your call-to-action. Speaking of call-to-actions, try to avoid having too many in your emailif you don’t know what your customers should focus on, neither will they.

4. Are you REALLY taking a good look into your email campaign?
Is your content too long? Short? How about those subject linesare they attention grabbing? Are the colors inviting and in line with your brand? It helps to test out various layouts to assess which one resonates best with your customers.

5. Are you sending enough emails?
This is relative, as there is such a thing as sending too much email. However, there are some instances where it’s perfectly acceptable to send more than one email to a customer. For example, if you’re in the retail business and someone signs up to receive a newsletter, don’t stop at the welcome email! Consider sending exclusive offers and sale notifications as well. By spacing out emails with relevant content, it keeps your brand in your customer’s mind, making conversions more likely.

Check out our Guide to Email Marketing Metrics for more solutions to common email problems. Still in holiday planning mode? Don't miss 10 Email Tips to Keep Your Holidays Merry and Bright.

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