Marketing Sherpa Features an Email Marketing Sweepstakes Winner

We’re happy to see one of our marquee clients, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) featured in Marketing Sherpa.  Marketing Sherpa focused on PCH’s 99.2% deliverability rate despite heavy usage of “blacklisted” words.

What does Publishers Clearing House do to achieve and maintain such great success? They follow the best practices that email experts (including ourselves) have been recommending for years:

  • Thoughtful Opt-In Procedures: PCH never buys lists. Instead, everyone who is interested in receiving emails must sign up on a registration page. They require this same procedure of all of their partners.
  • Relevant and Engaging Content: These subscribers are “in it to win it.” Instead of focusing resources on traditional newsletter content, PCH only sends emails about sweepstakes and ways to win– exactly what their subscribers expect to get.
  • List Hygiene: PCH keeps it clean by checking new email addresses for typos and syntax errors. Inactive addresses are quickly removed.
  • Monitoring Inbox Placement Rates: By checking campaigns using Mailbox Monitor, PCH is able to keep a close eye on their deliverability rates.
  • Preview Testing: Campaign Preview shows PCH how their email renders in their most popular email environments and tests to see if the campaign has any known spam filter triggers.
  • Easy Unsubscribes: PCH makes it easy for subscribers to remove themselves from the list. An unsubscribe link and an “EZ Unsubscribe Seal” are included in each and every email.  Delivering content and offers to people who don’t want them will only trigger complaints.

We’re no strangers to Publishers Clearing House’s email marketing success. It’s because of their adherence to these best practices, that PCH was able to become Return Path Certified in 2009. Sal Tripi, Sr. Director of Operations and Compliance at PCH said that “the impact of becoming members to the Return Path Certification program was like winning our own sweepstakes!”  Sal reported that improved rendering coupled with other program benefits resulted in a 6% lift in click-through rates and a 20% increase in conversion rates at Hotmail, their key domain.

We’re happy to see PCH getting kudos for their great email marketing program and we’re proud to be a part of their success.

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