Marketers: Time to Build Your Business Case for Email Fraud Protection

As we explored in our latest eBook, Phishing: The Cost of Doing Nothing for Marketers, email fraud can spell disaster for businesses around the world—in lost revenue, destroyed brand reputation, and remediation costs.

But even if stats like these convince you that investing in an email security strategy is worthwhile, you still need backing from the top executives at your company to make it happen.

What’s the best way to get the buy-in? Create a sense of urgency. Communicate the risks that result from not taking action.

In this blog post, we offer three key talking points—along with supporting stats and quotes—to help support your case.

Talking Point 1: Phishing thwarts email marketing engagement and ROI.

Supporting stat:

Supporting quote:

  • “If you have a breach, research suggests that 60 percent of your customers will think about moving and 30 percent actually do.” — Bryan Littlefair, Global Chief Information Security Officer | Aviva

Talking Point 2: Poor email security jeopardizes deliverability of legitimate messages.

Supporting stat:

  • One in five phishing attacks negatively impacts the deliverability of a brand’s legitimate messages. (Source: Return Path)

Supporting quote:

  • “We’re rapidly moving toward a world where all email is authenticated…If your domain doesn’t protect itself with DMARC, you will be increasingly likely to see your messages sent directly to a spam folder or even rejected.” — John Rae-Grant, Product Manager | Google

Talking Point 3: Email fraud destroys brand reputation and erodes customer trust.

Supporting stat:

  • 59 percent of chief executives believe that corporate brand and reputation represents more than 40 percent of a company’s market capitalization. (Source: World Economic Forum)

Supporting quote:

  • “Our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service has made Neiman Marcus one of the most recognized and trusted luxury brands in the world. Email fraud undermines that trust. We are taking proactive actions to combat potential future spoofing and phishing attacks. Working with Return Path will help us to deliver a safe customer experience for all of our valued email subscribers.” — Catherine Davis, VP of Marketing | Neiman Marcus

Want more fodder for your email security initiative? Register now for our webinar, Marketing’s Hidden Phishing Tax, today at 2PM ET. We’ll send you the recording even if you don’t show up.

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