Make Your Inbox More Awesome and Join ReturnPath for #InAwe17 in NYC

Inbox Awesome (InAwe) is the annual conference on the future of email, messaging and productivity, convening leading experts in the heart of New York City. InAwe has become the annual get-together of folks who are making, rethinking, and, delivering to inboxes of all flavors and interfaces. I am excited to share with you that we will be involved in this year’s edition of #InAwe17, which will be held on November 9th, both as a partner and a presenter.

Our Chief Privacy and Security Officer Dennis Dayman will join a discussion on the future of email security. Here are some details on his session “Catch The Phish”.

Catch The Phish.
Our inboxes, from email to social media, are more volatile than ever. How can we improve security—and what do we do when it’s too late?

Together with leaders from the security industry, Dennis will dive into how email hacks went from niche events to front page news and how new technology helps individuals and companies to learn cyber self-defense.

“As an expert in email and spam, at InAwe there is a lot of diversity, both in people and topics that are purely working towards protecting the legitimate and profitable uses of the email ecosystem”, said Dennis. “I look forward to a strong, controversial discussion around spam, phishing, and privacy, topics I have dedicated the last two decades of my life to and that are more relevant than ever before!”

Furthermore, we are proud to announce a first-time partnership with Inbox Awesome. As a NYC-headquartered company, it’s exciting for us to support a conference that convenes a diverse audience of tech, media, and corporate leaders and entrepreneurs with an extra emphasis on diversity and gender balance (50 percent women on stage last year!).  

Please join us and register today for a fun and insightful day around the future of email, messaging and productivity! As a friend or Return Path, we are pleased to offer  25 percent off the ticket price. Just enter “ReturnPath” when you check out on the ticket page. We look forward to seeing you at this great event in NYC!

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