Make Mailbox Providers Fall Head-Over-Heels for Your Reputation


Love is in the air: Cupid and his arrow, roses and chocolates, candlelight and moonlight. 

Oh no, it’s Valentine’s day again!

When a holiday or special event approaches, marketers seize the opportunity to promote their goods or services, tying their campaigns to the season’s themes.  Marketing mail volumes usually spike during these times.  But along with the increase in volume of legitimate emails, unfortunately spam levels also always rise when a holiday or special event approaches.

For Valentine’s day, everyone is a target as spammers take advantage of both singles and couples: “find your valentine” and “your secret crush” spam for the singles, and too-good-to-be-true discount emails for partnered shoppers of jewelry, dinners, expensive gift items, chocolates and flowers.

As a marketer, you want your legitimate mail to get to the inbox even as ISPs aggressively try to block these spam emails. One way to ensure that your emails are getting through is by ensuring that you have a good sender reputation.  Your sender reputation, and not content, is the major factor that determines whether your email reaches the inbox. A Return Path study show that 83% of the time, sender reputation is the cause of filtering. Although mailbox providers use different standards to determine what triggers filtering, they all hinge on your sender reputation.

If you’re planning to be in Las Vegas next week for the MarketingSherpa Email Summit, take advantage of the one-on-one coaching sessions available there to learn more about your sender reputation, how it affects your deliverability, and how you can ensure your email gets to your recipients’ inbox even during peak mailing seasons, like this Valentine’s holiday. 

A Return Path deliverability expert will be happy to guide you through the different metrics that make up your Sender Score (such as volume, complaint rates, unknown user rates and reject rates), how mailbox providers view your sending reputation through this score, and how to resolve any issues you may have to improve your score – to get you to the inbox.

Sign up here for one of these personalized coaching sessions.  And Happy Valentine’s day!



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