Make CRM Data Your Priority in 2019

“Our customers are our number one priority.”

“Our employees are our number one priority.”

These are sentiments you frequently hear from businesses, and while they’re good sentiments to have, let’s finetune the message. What if you made CRM data your number one priority?


Effectively Leveraging CRM Data


The fact is, one of the greatest assets your company has is your CRM data. And one of the best ways to increase the success of your business and maximize your sales and marketing efforts is to invest in, continually improve on, and protect and maintain your CRM data.

As we’ve discussed on the blog before, the quality of your CRM data affects the sales, marketing, customer service, HR, and IT departments. We learned that your entire organization sees a boost in productivity and effectiveness when your CRM data is clean and accurate.

Resolve in 2019 to leverage your CRM data to create a competitive advantage for your business. By choosing third-party applications that increase its value for your company and creating a purposeful strategic plan for how you will achieve and maintain quality CRM data, you will be empowered to deliver a greater customer and employee experiences.


Validity Products Help You Achieve and Maintain Clean CRM Data


Validity, Inc. is a global leader in data quality and compliance. We empower organizations worldwide to trust their CRM data and leverage it to make better decisions, drive business revenue, and create exceptional customer experiences.

Validity Connect, our quintessential data integrity solution suite, includes the following feature-rich products:

  • DemandTools, the #1 global data quality tool Salesforce users have relied on for almost two decades to help them manage the complexities of CRM data administration (now also available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users)
  • DupeBlocker, a real-time, integrated duplication blocker that stops duplicates from resulting in missed sales opportunities, productivity loss, and inaccurate reporting
  • PeopleImport, an industry leader in preventing duplicate records when importing massive lists or trade show contacts
  • BriteVerify, a real-time email verification platform that validates emails at the point of capture and helps improve campaign ROI

To learn more about making CRM data quality a priority, read our white paper, Confidence In Data Quality. And be sure to visit our blog regularly for a steady stream of articles that explore data quality best practices, ways to verify email addresses and improve lead generation, CRM software tips, and more.

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